Monkeypox is the latest medical emergency becoming popular among the world, the Biden administration, and vaccine companies.


According to a 2016 article by the CDC, Monkeypox is “a close relative of the variola virus, and monkeypox illness resembles a smallpox-like infection but is less severe than smallpox. Most patients initially develop a fever, followed by rash a few days later. Lymphadenopathy is a common sign and occurs just before or concomitant with the rash (1,2). Up to 11% of unvaccinated affected persons die (3). No targeted medications are licensed to treat this infection. Although smallpox vaccination can provide some protection against infection, this vaccination is not used in MPXV-endemic areas because of cost considerations and safety concerns about using a vaccine that contains live vaccinia virus.”

The virus was discovered in 1958 among a group of research monkeys, but the first human case was recorded in 1970. Two cases in the US were reported in 2021.

Back in 2003 the US saw an outbreak of 81 human infections caused by a rat in a pet store. The animal transmitted to the humans, according to this story.


Pfizer just finished a phenomenal quarter! Thanks to some revenue-generating viruses’, millionaires are becoming billionaires.  Pfizer’s first quarter of 2022 ended in a 76% revenue increase year-over-year, ending at $25 billion.  For the fiscal year, Pfizer ended at an over 100% revenue increase in year-over-year since last March.

One case of monkeypox was found in Massachusetts last week. In less than 48 hours the government purchased 13 million monkeypox vaccines for $119 million from Bavarian Nordic biotech company, for their Jynneos vaccines.  Jynneos can be used to tread both smallpox and monkeypox.

A day later, Pfizer received FDA approval for their new monkeypox vaccine.

Biden’s Support

Biden said on Sunday that the detection of monkeypox is “something everybody should be concerned about.”  This leads the general public to wonder why he believes it will be a terrible outbreak, however, it’s too soon to tell.

However, if the hiring of their go-to vaccine distributor to make vaccines quickly for this virus is any indication, I guess we should prepare for this “naturally occuring outbreak” to happen.

In May, the UK reported nine cases, mostly among men. There haven’t been any direct links to countries where monkeypox is present, which could mean it’s spread locally.

World Leaders Have A Crystal Ball

Just like the COVID pandemic had Event 201 to prepare for the virus before it even happened (we’re still not clear how they knew it was coming), monkeypox has NTI to help prepare for ‘natural’ medical emergencies like monkeypox.  In November 2021, NTI released a document where you can see the timeline when identifying a monkeypox outbreak around almost the same time that it actually DID happen.


Page 12 of Strengthening global systems to prevent and respond to high consequence biological threats of the NTI paper

5 thoughts on “Biden Says We Should Be Concerned About Monkeypox”
  1. Something else the democrats are creating as a diversion , another excuse to spend billions, and something else they can blame on white supremacy and January 6.🖕

  2. We should all be concerned more about “Bidenpox”. That one is slowly but surely destroying America, and we all need to be praying that God will soon grant us a cure for it .

    1. Jim2 I totally agree with you. I prayed my way through Covid and I am not worrying about monkeypox because I do not put my faith in the horrible government but in the one and only Lord my God! And Biden and his bunch of liars. Maybe monkeypox is a payback for all the evil things done to the poor monkeys.

    1. You bet it is all by design and just in time for this election cycle! First killer covid vaccines were mandated and you had to get shot after shot and booster after booster and you were still required to wear a mask and you still got covid! I never got a covid vaccine and at the age of 77 I am still here! I am a member of the Eagles Club in Eatonville and we have 600 members. None of us ever wore a mask or social distanced and none of us got covid! None of my friends or their friends know of anyone that got covid! And since I am 77 I had the small pox vaccination when I was a child along with the polio vaccine!

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