Why are there more cases of trans, gay, and lesbian children all over America, that seems to start in the classroom?

Maybe because the media happily covers “sex change success” stories causing them to always be in our faces and top of mind, or because some teachers are grooming/pushing extremely young children to be more sexual in a school setting.  Or it could be because liberal and extremist teachers try their best to remove the coveted parent-child trusted communication from the household.

Regardless what the reason, parents are getting fed up with the government-funded schools teaching about sexuality, and grooming their young innocent children to start thinking about things they probably shouldn’t be thinking about at such a young age. 

But the big question here is, why don’t teachers want the children in their classroom to talk to their parents about their sexuality? Parents are the closest person to young children; they can be their best friends and confidants. 

Recently Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok posted an outrageous real-life poster indicating that teachers are a safe place for a kid to confide in about sexuality, and the conversations won’t be “outed” to their parents.

The school in question is located in Kelso, Washington.

If you are still on the fence about young kids who keep sexual identity secrets from their parents, read this heartbreaking story from a Grandmother in Virginia whose granddaughter transitioned from female to male, without telling the whole story to her family. This resulted in the young girl running away, becoming abused, trafficked, and held in jail.  There’s a lot more to the story, check it out here

Not to ruin the ending, but the moral of this sad story, is that because the school kept the girl’s sexual change to only faculty and other students, didn’t mention preferences of pronouns and she was using the boy’s bathroom (although she dressed in boys clothing) to her grandmother, it resulted in months of abuse and further damage mentally to the young girl.

You can’t make this stuff up, please give the article a read.

What do you think…should government-paid teachers be allowed to have sexual secrets with children? 

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