We’ve had to deal with multiple attack fronts in the past, but never have we seen so many attacks from so many different fronts at the same time. This is happening for a reason.

As I’m writing this article and broadcasting the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, it’s Memorial Day. Nearly every Memorial Day has been somber for me, but this year is even more so because I realize the freedoms the men and women in our military have fought and died for are under attack from enemies domestic and abroad. Some would say this has always been the case, but 2022 certainly seems like the closest we’ve experienced to an existential threat for as long as most of us have been alive.

The powers-that-be who are controlling the White House, Capitol Hill, and the largest corporations in the country are in the middle of implementing The Great Reset and they’re attacking us from multiple fronts. We’ve had to deal with two or three at a time in the past, but never in my memory has there been so many all-out attacks on our God-given freedoms than what we’re seeing today. They are going after the control factors in our lives to bring us to heel before them.

I’ve identified the seven most obvious and, in my humble opinion, important control factors the powers-that-be want to hold over us. Any one of them is enough to make some people beholden to the whims of government and the public-private partnerships they are installing right now. Combine these seven factors and it’s clear there would only be a tiny remnant of Americans who are truly free if the New World Order accomplishes this so-called “reset.”

Rarely do I encourage people to spend an hour listening to my show. I’d love it if everyone does, but I know many simply do not have the time or who just aren’t “podcast people.” Today’s episode is an exception. I ask even those who don’t normally listen to give this one special attention. The more people who are properly aware of these seven control factors, the fewer people there will be who are dependent on government to save them.

By no means is this my best show. I’ve had much smoother shows before, but never have I felt such a strong need for people to be aware of what I’m talking about than with this one. None of this is new. There are no surprises or shocking revelations, but seeing and hearing it all as a whole is important to bring into perspective the full scope of their nefarious plans. Even this is inadequate; I’d need a 10-hour show just to bring it all together properly. But hopefully, this will be a good overview, a starting point from which I can discuss each control factor in more detail in upcoming shows.

For those who cannot listen, I’ve detailed each of the seven control factors below. In writing, it’s not as detailed as the spoken word on the show but it can be used as a guide to those who listen or a replacement for those who do not.

Control Guns

All the buzz today surrounds gun control. The mass shootings in recent weeks have every Democrat and an unfortunate number of Republicans calling for universal background checks, red flag gun laws, cooling-off periods, magazine size limits, “assault weapons” bans, and even more draconian “gun safety” laws to be implemented across the United States. We’re seeing it at the national and state level, and as a California resident, I can tell my red state friends there’s nothing that makes me feel less safe than knowing that in any given situation, chances are there are no good guys with guns in the crowd.

As I discussed with Wayne Allyn Root last week, guns are the first thing would-be tyrants invariably go after. From the dawn of human existence, oppressors have always disarmed the people before subjugating or killing them. A disarmed populace is infinitely easier to control than an armed one. This is a no-brainer, which is why it’s so disgusting that RINOs are joining their leftist brethren in preparing us for gun confiscations.

Control Food

The next three control factors should have been attributed to the godfather of modern globalism, Henry Kissinger. It’s funny that I didn’t mention him or even notice that I put these three factors together in the exact same order that he famously did. Whether it was my subconscious filling in the blanks or if, as I believe to be the case, I was just following the logical progression that Kissinger followed himself, it makes sense from a globalist perspective.

He said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

We are already seeing the horrid effects of food shortages across the globe. It’s getting bad in the United States and it’s already disastrous in other nations. Food prices are skyrocketing. Food availability is becoming more limited. Farmers, ranchers, processors, and distributors are all experiencing massive roadblocks that are so conspicuously timed, it is impossible that it’s all a giant coincidence. Our current food crisis is manufactured. Of that, I am 99% certain.

When the crap hits the fan, the breadlines will grow longer and longer. Chaos will strike and good people who were not prepared for it will demand that government #DoSomething. Of course, government will turn to the public-private partnerships they’ve been quietly nurturing for years, perhaps decades. There’s a reason Bill Gates owns more American farmland than any individual. There’s a reason BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street own the lion’s share of controlling interests in every aspect of our food infrastructure from producing and packing to shipping and retailing.

I want to be crystal clear about something. The reason I took on these sponsors and not other long-term food storage companies is because I like the food. I went with My Patriot Supply first because they are above-average quality with below-average prices. You get the most bang for the buck from them, and in a crap-hits-the-fan situation that’s important for many. But I do not want anyone thinking I’m fearmongering to make a dollar. I’d be recommending these companies whether they were sponsors or not. I truly believe the powers-that-be when they say there will be food shortages and I wholeheartedly believe individuals and families need to prepare for them.

Control Vital Resources

The second part of Kissinger’s globalist proclamation focused on energy, but I contained it within the category of vital resources. That includes water (the most precious resource for life), energy, and medical supplies. Controlling the water supply and distributing it to those who are properly compliant may sound like pure evil, but we mustn’t forget who we’re up against. To achieve their goals, I do not think they would fail to use any card in their hand, and for millions of Americans access to water that isn’t coming out of a faucet is limited.

As for Kissinger’s second specification for control, energy is already being used against us. It’s not just gas and diesel prices, either. We will really feel the hit on our budgets this winter when heating costs catch tens of millions by surprise. It is a best practice for those who have the means to find a way to generate your own power if possible. Solar generators can be very expensive. Even lumber for stoves or fireplaces is costing more. Dependence on basic utilities might be the hardest thing for city- and suburb-dwellers to disconnect, but we should all strive for as much energy independence as possible, even if that means moving off-grid.

For many, required medicines are arguably the most challenging to replace. We have already heard in the recent past how hospitals and pharmacies want to require Covid jabs of their patients. This has subsided, but I believe only temporarily. A new pandemic or a resurgence of Covid hysteria could easily propel us to the point that only those who are compliant with government mandates will have access to the medicines they need to live.

For this, I really have no direct solution. We’ve looked into alternatives for the medicines we need in our family. It can be very challenging, but we are still looking. Everyone needs to assess where they stand with their current medical needs and come up with a plan in case access is limited or non-existent. Whether by government decree or societal collapse, the medicines we need may not be available. We need to determine what’s best for ourselves and our families in such a scenario

Control Money

In the 1980s, it was credit cards. In the 1990s, it was bar codes. By the 2000s, it was RFID chips and QR codes. The 2010s brought us smartphones and apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of these were discussed by conspiracy theorists as the way the New World Order would force us into one world currency. I never bought into any of it.

With the sudden rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), I’m finally concerned. They’re being likened by many to cryptocurrencies, but this is disingenuous. Other than the technological similarities, they’re really quite the opposite. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. They offer measures of security and privacy. They are mostly immutable in the right circumstances. The same cannot be said about CBDCs.

They’re now pushing for Digital Dollars, Digital Euros, and Digital Yuans, all of which are at different stages of development and implementation. When they become the new fiat currencies on steroids, the powers that be will know where we get our money, how we spend it, and can cut us off from receiving, sending, or accessing it at any time. It’s legitimately the scariest thing that has ever happened to money, and as I said I don’t scare easily.

Control News

The Ministry of Truth, also known as the Disinformation Governance Board, is on hold. What that really means is that they’re going to rebrand it with different faces and keep it far more under wraps, rolling it out slowly in a secret public-private partnership with Big Tech and corporate media. They still want to control what the masses hear and think. They’re just going to be more careful about it in the next iteration.

Despite the rise of alternative media and the fall of trust in corporate media, we’re still facing an uphill battle to get the truth out. Far too many Americans still watch CNN, MSNBC, and the like. Even Fox News and to some extent Newsmax answer to government in many ways, suppressing certain topics and driving the “right-leaning” side of the globalist propaganda machine. There are those at both Fox News and Newsmax that I still like, but the vast majority at both networks are pawns for the globalist elites, also known as “controlled opposition.”

Control Communications

There’s a little-known fact that even our most personal and supposedly private forms of communication with friends and family such as phone calls, texts, and emails are being monitored. Granted, it’s mostly being done by artificial intelligence algorithms; there’s likely not an operative for the National Security Agency listening in to your phone calls with your cousin Ethel. Nevertheless, monitoring is happening and will only get worse in the near future.

Internet service providers, mobile carriers, and the various messaging apps like Discord, Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp are all being influenced by government bodies. This influence includes ways through which you can be monitored or even cut off at will. It’s already happening to some extent as links to certain web pages and documents are being quietly suppressed. There’s a reason certain links never seem to make it through to the recipient, even through text messages.

When the crap hits the fan, they want to know who is in league with whom so they can separate us into one of three groups. The first group is what I call the “sheep,” a derogatory term I do not use as often as other show hosts. But in this case, there really will be sheep who are completely beholden to and dependent on government to survive, people who will do whatever they’re told if it means they can get an extra block of cheese in their next breadline visit.

The second group is those who will be compliant. These are the necessary “free thinkers” the New World Order will need just to keep society going. They will not be as beholden to government but will comply with most demands as they operate the world for the globalist elites.

The third group is us, you and me. We will not be beholden. We will not be compliant. We will not bow the knee to the world’s powers. They want us either jailed or dead. They will use access to communication network data to determine who may qualify for that last group. This is why it’s so important to them to maintain communication systems even if other systems fall apart.

Control Religion

What is the endgame? Do they just want a society of a few haves and a whole lot of have-nots? No, not really. While some of their higher-level pawns have been sold on that notion, this is really not an attack on mankind. It’s not really about depopulation per se, though that is an inherent part of the plan. Their true endgame is based on harming their true enemy.

They’re not at war with us. They’re at war with God.

They want to control religion because they want to destroy our faith. They can do nothing to God directly, but they can tear away at the connections we have with Him. He will win in the end. Even the upper echelon of the globalist elites know that. But they get a perverse joy in knowing they can attack His creation and drive billions of people away from His light by forcing us into submission to their will.

It’s not really “forcing,” though. We all have choices, and the most important choice we can make is to hold our faith at the highest possible level. We must not renounce our faith in exchange for food, water, medicine, or anything else they’ll use to manipulate us. As the powers-that-be engage in tyranny, we must always maintain our ultimate freedom even if all others are removed.

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  1. They may control the things you listed except for God. God can not be controlled, He is above everything and everyone else! Those who don’t believe that will find out one day.
    Satan plays for now, but he has already been defeated and he’s trying to take as many people as he can to Hell with him. Right now we still have the choice to choose between God and Satan, please choose God.

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