A self-proclaimed left-wing activist brags on social media in graphic detail about how she murdered her unborn 7-month-old viable baby by abortion!

Though Jennifer Thompson, of Portland, Oregon, claimed that her abortion “saved her f—— life,” the details that she described on Twitter suggest it was purely elective – and she got your tax dollars to pay for it!

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who reports about ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other extreme leftist groups that often commit violence, shared Thompson’s story Thursday on his Twitter feed.

Ngo described Thompson as an “extremist abortion and BLM activist” who attends ANTIFA riots and often advocates for violence. Her posts about her abortion include “graphic detail” about her decision to “end the life of her viable baby at nearly seven months of pregnancy,” Ngo wrote.

In an archive documenting her Twitter posts, Thompson said she thought she might be pregnant on Jan. 12 when she noticed an abnormal discharge.

When a pregnancy test showed positive, she said she called Planned Parenthood and the Lilith Clinic, both abortion facilities, to discuss her “options” and then scheduled an abortion appointment for the next day.

She said the Lilith Clinic told her how to apply for the state Medicaid program so that taxpayers would pay for her abortion, and the program “immediately accepted” her because she was pregnant.

At the abortion facility, Thompson said the ultrasound technician informed her that she actually was close to her third trimester, somewhere between 27 to 29 weeks, and they could not do an abortion that late at the facility. She said they told her about late-term abortion facilities in Colorado and New Mexico.

Instead, she went to the Oregon Health & Science University, where, just three hours after learning she was pregnant with a viable, late-term baby, the hospital began the abortion process, according to the archive.

“Sat, Jan. 15, 2022, at approx. 7PM: At OHSU, getting a full confirmation of how pregnant I am — 27.5 weeks. I get a shot through my abdomen to stop the heartbeat,” Thompson wrote. “Sun, Jan. 16, 2022, at 9AM: I’m admitted to the hospital, and I start taking medication to induce labor.”

The next day, after a “grueling night” of pain and labor, she said she gave birth to a “2 pound, 7-inch girl. With no heartbeat.”

Thompson ended her story with a profanity-filled tirade against anyone who is not as angry as she is about pro-life efforts to save unborn babies.

“While this was probably the most emotionally traumatic thing I’ve experienced, this abortion saved my f—— life,” she wrote. “… But more than that, f—— fuming for those who don’t have that access. F—— fuming that our autonomy is being stripped away. Just know that if you’re not feeling that rage, you’re selfish.”

While Thompson claimed aborting her unborn baby was life-saving, medical experts say late-term abortions are never necessary to save the mother’s life.

After Ngo shared her post, he said she lashed out at him, accusing him of doxing her and bragging that she would “get that abortion over and over again.”

Ngo said he simply shared what Thompson had posted publicly online. Thompson since has made her Twitter account private.

7 thoughts on “Twisted Lefty Activist Brags Online About Killing Her Aborted Baby! ”
  1. I am completely against abortion early or late term. It is wrong! What should be done instead of telling women they can’t have abortions and making it illegal. Law should be passed that abortions WILL NOT be paid with tax money, anyone wanting an abortion will have to pay for it NO MORE FREE abortions. Making women pay for the abortion regardless of their income will immediately decrease abortions. They will avoid getting pregnant using birth control just so they don’t have to pay for the abortion. There is no reason for these unwanted pregnancies. Women will still have access to birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. I strongly believe if you make them pay they will stop getting abortions!

    1. I think the baby won because this woman would have been a horrible, horrible mother. I am not a supporter of abortion. If you don’t want kids take birth control or don’t have sex. This defenseless child died because of a mother is too selfish to take responsibility for her actions.

    2. i cant believe that she was 7 months pregnant and didnt know it. she didnt miss the lack of menstruation, she wants autonomy of her body,but has no clue how it works. these people are incredibly stupid and are the selfish ones. i agree no taxpayers should pay for this. if she wants another abortion she should terminate it and do a post birth abortion by jumping off a tall building.

  2. After my third child I had a procedure called endometrial ablation which burns out the inside of the uterus and most people can’t get pregnant after that but I happen to get pregnant and didn’t know it for four months because I never menstruating after that procedure. But when I found out I was four months pregnant at 40 years old with a body that’s been going downhill for quite some time I decided to keep the child she was 3 lbs. 3 oz. when she was born but now she is flourishing as a normal 12 year old kid. What this birthing person did was absolutely disgusting and she never should’ve been pregnant in the first place. If taxpayers pay for any reason for these people not to have children then maybe they should have their uterus is removed so it could never happen.

  3. i believe women need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Yes, women get raped, accidents in birth control do happen but there are safer, sane ways to insure you don’t get pregnant. If you are raped, ask for the morning after pill, I believe it is readily available to any woman. Same for incest although you really need to report both of these crimes to officials. When you abort a child after there is a heart beat, you ARE in fact, killing a child. An innocent life! No one should have to give life to an unwanted child if it was conceived by rape or incest. However, it is not the innocent child that created the situation. Again, if you are adult enough to have sex, you need to be adult enough to insure you can’t get pregnant. If you want to be careless with your sex life, you need to pay for your right to murder your child. I believe there would be a lot less abortions if they have to pay for them. Also, think about that fetus that gets sold off to drug companies for experiments. Abortion is a big business and I as a tax payer, am tired of paying for the reckless women who can’t be responsible for ensuring they can’t get pregnant. There are many options available to you, birth control, contraceptives, etc. I would rather pay for these rather than help you murder an innocent life. Lots of people that can’t have children would love to have the chance to raise that innocent child. If you feel you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to be responsible to ensure you don’t get pregnant.

  4. This strumpet should be marked that any man that has sex with her gos to prison for life.She is nothing more than a cumm queen.A rubber with blood flow.

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