AOC attacks SCOTUS Ruling on Roe v. Wade… But as usual, she has no idea what she is talking about

In her interview with left-wing hack Stephen Colbert, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked the Supreme Court by claiming it has overreached its authority in overturning Roe. Obviously, this is false.

“The Supreme Court has engaged in the overreaching of its authority in denying the human and civil rights of any pregnant person or person who could become pregnant in the United States of America. They have engaged in overreach, and it is the responsibility of the President and Congress to put the Supreme Court in check,” she rants.

There’s a lot to discuss in this statement, as so much is so glaringly wrong.

First, and most obviously to anyone who passed high school civics, we have the fact that it is the Supreme Court that is intended to put Congress and the President in check, and not the other way around. Additionally, Congress and the President are who put each of the nine Justices where they are today, to begin with.

Next, we have the fact that the President and Congress cannot, under our Constitution, do anything about the SCOTUS, so what she calls for is unconstitutional and unlawful action. Also, it is doubtful that she would have wanted a Republican President or Congress touching the Court in any way, so this is blatant hypocrisy.

Third, onto the real meat of the argument. The original Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973 was what was an overreach. It was legislating from the bench by gross and disingenuous interpretation of the Constitution to fit a pro-abortion agenda. What the SCOTUS did by overturning the 1973 decision was not overreach–it was the opposite. It saw a previous overreach by the court and corrected it nearly 50 years later, returning the issue of abortion to the states and elected officials–where it belongs.

Finally, abortion access is not a human right–certainly not one which overrules the right to life of all individuals. And it is not a civil right, hence the recent SCOTUS decision.

In summation, AOC proves that she knows literally nothing about the Court’s purpose, Constitutional law, nor Roe v. Wade itself with every word of her tirade. Anyone with basic knowledge of civics and law could debunk her claims.

Original Article: How AOC Proved She Knows NOTHING About Constitutional Law and SCOTUS By Attacking Ruling on Stephen Colbert’s Show [VIDEO]

7 thoughts on “AOC Has Difficult Time Understanding How The Supreme Court Works”
  1. What else would you expect from someone funded by Jews?
    Jews own the Democrat party. Democrats merely dance to the tune of their owners. AOC is a Democrat.

    1. What we really need is more control over stupid people in high offices. It should not be difficult to remove them when by their own actions words and deeds they prove they are not competent.

  2. sadly an legal immigrant who studied civics to pass the course to become an American Citizens knows more history and the laws and ways of this government than idiot foollish people like AOC. I bet her father paid for her education and degree for it seems she know nothing about anything. and she is a lying witch as well. I feel sorry for the child who h as her as a godmother for she is not even a Christian by her actions. talk is cheap and out of her mouth, she is showing us all that she is either a lying of stupid. she could also be both. and who elected her: a small percentage of other stupid fools who bothered to vote. it seems many in her area complain but do not vote. sadly, as well, she seems to be a hate filled soul who is lost yet who seems to carry a mirror around by which she keeps looking into it and telling herself that she is always right and everyone loves her and wants her. what she needs and many like her is to be “bitch slapped” if I may take a term from the young black americans. either by someone or GOD to wake her up before it is too late. she and others like her may and think that they want communism and the removal of the constitution and the republic but what will be replaced is more on the line of the muslim nation replacement since it is also involved in the one world government with one religion, two sexes and you can only believe in what they want you do and do what they want you do or death. they love islam which taxes other believes to death or kills them and they are hand in hand with China and Russia who hates and bans gays, trans, and teaching and grooming children. the muslims do as well and they kill gays. so as people like her find no value in the government of the USA and fight to bring it down, they may kill us all but in the end they will also die for they think they are joining like friends but they are joining their own worse enemies who are just waking in the wings to take them all down.

  3. This person is Psychotic.Has no idea how real people think.Maybe raised under the porch?

  4. If AOC actually knows the Constitution she must not want to go by it, which would be against her oath of office that she took. If she doesn’t want to go by the Constitution she should be impeached immediately.
    So many people today think they should be able to do what they want and force others to agree with them they definitely don’t want to be told no, that’s not how life goes.

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