All politicians lie.  Some more than others.  Some tell bigger lies than others.  But they all lie.

While Democrats and the media are proffering the Big Lie strategy against Trump – with some justification – they are understandably ignoring the multitude of big lies emanating from Trump’s successor in the White House.

It should come as no surprise that President Biden lies.  In his case, however, he is a serial liar.  His recent speech on inflation was a litany of lies offered up as excuses for his floundering presidency.

Of course, he refers to the severe inflation and gas prices hitting Americans in the pocketbook as “Putin’s price hikes” or “Putin’s inflation.”  That is a lie.  Yes, the war has had an impact on the price of gas – but only because Biden had been cutting back on American production from the day he took office.  He shut down the Keystone Pipeline.  He banned exploration in key oil regions.  His strategy is to intentionally increase gas to make electric cars more affordable.  That is not a secret.  He and those on the left have announced that strategy as part of the Green New Deal.  

He actually did it to force up the cost of gas to make electric vehicles more attractive – and it is why he is doing virtually nothing to bring gas prices down.  It is all about the Green New Deal.

Biden lied when he said the rest of the world is suffering inflation worse than the United States.  Nations like Japan, South Korea and most of Europe are at 6 percent inflation.  We are at 8.6 percent – and much higher for essentials.  

Biden accused international shippers of raising their rates “as much as 1000 percent.”  Note “as much.”  In fact, such an increase is an outlier. It does not represent the actual increases across the board.  And … the cost of shipping has gone up considerably because those huge container ships take a LOT of fuel to travel the globe.

In his speech, Biden said that the United States had the “fastest growing economy in the world.”  That qualifies as a whopper.  In fact, the American economy DECLINED a month ago and had no growth in the most recent report.  

Biden has had a long, long history of lying – from his earliest days in politics to this morning.

Biden has a peculiar approach to the problems besetting the America people.  It goes like this: “I understand you pain.”  “These problems are not my fault.”  “There is nothing I can do about them.”  “But I am doing my best to solve them.” “Actually, the economy is doing great.”

Biden’s statements are increasingly disconnected to the reality of the situation.  His promises have fallen flat.  He would have 70 percent of the public fully vaccinated by July of 2021.  His big spending policies would not only not lead to inflation, but they would help reduce inflation.  Inflation would be mild and short-lived.  Sanctions will cripple Russia – until he admitted they would not.  The man has no credibility.

Biden is not only a disappointment to Main Street Americans.  Those on the radical left of the Democratic Party have not forgiven Biden for promising to pass the left’s wish list programs in the Build Back Better bill if they would support the Infrastructure Bill.   Radical left icon Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently refused to endorse Biden for re-election in 2024 even though he says he is running.

The lack of credibility among the American people is one of the reasons Biden’s favorable ratings have plunged to record lows – and there is still no certainty that it will not drop even further.  Biden is essentially a lame duck President – the earliest a President has ever entered that status of political impotency.  And it looks like after the November midterm elections, he will be even further diminished.  Despite his best efforts, he just cannot lie his way out of his situation.  The American people are on to him.

So, there ‘tis.

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