Fake “doctor” and #1 nursemaid Jill Biden tried getting cute recently, and it went terribly wrong for her.

Jill, who is best known for being Joe Biden’s head nurse, is doing what she can to try to boost her feeble, failing husband’s approval ratings.

She and Joe’s sister Valerie think one way to improve Joe’s embarrassingly low approval numbers is to get him out there to TALK to the American people more.

The problem with that plan is that Joe can’t actually “talk.”

Jill and Valerie think this is 1991 and Joe Biden is still a smooth-talking DC swamp rat, who can charm the pants off any voter he comes in contact with.

What these two dingbats don’t realize is that it’s 2022 and Joe Biden looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home slurping tapioca pudding underneath an afghan blanket.

But that doesn’t stop Jill from trying to change the perception of her frail, feeble, simple-minded husband… so her new mode of attack is to go after President Trump.

Here’s what Jill is now saying: “After Trump, people came to me saying, ‘I feel like I can breathe’”

As you can imagine, Jill got roasted for what she said:

“Let’s call this what it is: complete and total bullsh*t” 

“We call em Snowflakes’ for a reason, Dr. Jill. Is there a prescription for that mental illness?!?”

“This is probably more accurate than you think, keeping in mind the idiotic morons they pander to.”

“They can’t pay for food or gas, but they can breathe LOL okay, sounds great” 

“Democrats cater to the elites. Of course they feel this way, rich people don’t need to worry about gas and food prices of baby formula” 

“Jill, your senile husband is suffocating the country with his gas prices and inflation.” 

“What a stupid rich old lady. Nobody who is working class can breathe thanks to her dementia patient husband”  

“This FLOTUS is Bat sh*t nuts!”

“Someone should show her Joe’s approval rating” 

“Jill’s Life Is a Lie!”

“So now we know that Jill Biden is intimidated by Donald Trump,& green-eyed jealous to the maximum of MELANIA… poor sick dysfunctional wannabe doctor Jill.”

“Well, maybe it’s because they finally removed their mask while they drive alone in their cars.”

“The woman who’s gleefully inflicting elder abuse on her husband knows nothing about relief or breathing” 

It’s painfully clear that Nurse Jill and the entire fraudulent Biden admin are scared stiff of President Trump.

And they should be — after all, he won the 2020 election by a landslide and will do it again in 2024.

Original Article: Jill Biden Tries Slamming President Trump And It Goes Terribly Wrong LOL

5 thoughts on “Biden’s Wife Tries Hard To Slam Trump But It Doesn’t Work”
  1. Well come on, she ditched her husband to get into bed with Joe and a chance to live free off the taxpayers. She Nancy Pelosi in disguise. Just wants to be top dog, only thing is she’s stuck with a pound puppy. Raised a pos for a son and married a pos. Good Taste Jill. You deserve what you get! Oh, and you dress like crap too!

  2. What an insult to REAL nurses – this hag supposedly has a doctor of education degree and nothing more – definitely the “DR” degree ahs nothing to do with medicine! Tho she may pretend to play NURSEMAID to someone who should be in a nursing home, in a rocking chair, with an afghan and being fed pablum!

  3. She’s the one with dementia…..evidentally she cant remember he didn’t win this election by a landslide… it was all done illegally. How many people who had died voted? How many of the illegals they flooded our country with voted? How many democrats voted more than once? We are not stupid, we know what happened and it was not a legal vote. HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT. I am embarrassed we have a stupid dumb ass for a so-called president and a hooker for a vice-president. Really? Trump was a million times better than any of the democrats in our offices today. May you all suffer for what you’re doing to this country. You dont have to pay for your own gas, you dont have to pay for your own jet fuel, your own food, your own anything, but remember who does…. WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO OR HAVE. We dont like you, we dont trust any of you and we dont want anyone who is a demon rat in any office of our government because you’ve all proven to be nothing but corrupt and can’t think of how to help America, the only thing on your mind is to bash Trump. Well guess what, the more crap you do, the more you bash and blame Trump for everything. the more WE THE PEOPLE LOVE HIM AND NO MATTER WHAT WILL HAVE HIM BACK. You never. once you’re gone you’re gone for good…. you continue to bash Trump but what about your son….. what happened to all his corruption? Yeah, I thought so, you shoved that under the rug didn’t you. Youre no good and we are beginning to make sure you dont ever get in office again. NO MORE DEMONRATS

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But let’s not forget his exit from Afghanistan and how many lives were lost for that gigantic mistake. Tried to blame that Trump who had the correct plan to first get out civilians then get out our troops. Now the poor population is worse off, women sent backwards, plus all the USA tanks, guns, ammunition Biden gave them. Let’s not forget as if we could, all the illegal immigrants who come in with no money, no papers, no test for COVID but Biden fly’s around the US, putting them in his ideal areas, gives them food, medical, housing, all for free on the American citizens dime. A lot of those Americans can’t afford homes, food and anything but let’s give our hard earned dollars so they can bring COVID, drugs, into our country. Don’t forget, Biden is the one that destroyed the XL pipeline, put 11,000 people out of work and now we get to pay over $6 per gallon of gas, higher in the big cities. No baby food, other food supplies are being depleted, but yes, Biden will continue to bring in illegal immigrants who I have heard, are getting to vote even though they are not US citizens and by the law, CAN NOT vote in American elections. But that is the purpose of so many being allowed into the United States. What I really don’t understand is how any American, democrat or republican, can believe Biden is competent and agree with all of his illegal decisions. The constitution states clearly: only United States citizens, let me say it again, CITIZENS are allowed to vote. Americans need to start taking back our rights, start making our Congress, every single member, realize Americans will NOT continue to sit back and let our President and our Congress destroy this beautiful country. WE, the people of the United States, will make our votes count and we will let our voices be heard on capitol hill.

  4. I wish someone would start a national petition to get joe Biden kamilla , and Nancy f’ ing Pelosi voted OUT!!!!

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