Joe and Jill Biden on Tuesday visited a local Covid vaccination clinic hosted by the DC’s Department of Health to promote vaccines for children under the age of 5.

Nurse Jill was buzzing around the room to help her mentally incapacitated husband.

Jill was also there to make sure Creepy Joe kept his wandering hands off children.

But Joe just couldn’t help himself in a room full of kids.

At one point Joe Biden set his sights on an adorable 4-year-old girl with pigtails and picked her up.

“How old are you?” Joe Biden asked the child.

She told Biden she was 4 years old.

Biden lit up and told the little girl, “I’d like you to come home with me!”



Original Article: “I’d Like You to Come Home with Me!” – Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl at Covid Vaccine Clinic (VIDEO)

7 thoughts on “Creepy Joe Biden Visited COVID Vaccine Clinic”
  1. Oh, my dear Lord. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to how creepy this man is with kids. He’s not the Ol Grandfather you all think he is!!! Wake UP.

    1. Stop the crap with what President Joe Biden is we do not feel as you do he is a remarkable man who has the bachbonre of the presidency. What do you do creepy ole woman?

  2. Most old men that does what he is doing with children are on the list of sexual predators with the FBI

  3. She ain’t a nurse – her degree is in education! At best she could be called his caretaker………………….
    And he wants to take a 4 year old girl home – NOW THAT IS worse than scary!!!!!

  4. That woman is NOT a nurse – her degree is in education! The best that can be said about jilly is she is slojoe’s caretaker!
    And he wants to take a 4 year old girl home and everyone there thinks that is cute and funny???? NOW that is beyond scary!

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