DeSantis to Send CPS to Parents Who Force Children to Attend Drag Queen Shows

During a media briefing on Wednesday, DeSantis was asked about how he plans to tackle the “woke” trend of exposing children to sex and perversions.

“We have laws against child endangerment.”

He then referenced disturbing videos released online taken at a drag show performance at a bar in Dallas, Texas, that showed children shoving dollar bills into the underwear of men dressed as women.

“Part of the reason why we fought the fight with Parents Rights in Education is because there’s a movement to interject these things like gender ideology in elementary schools even, and my view is, our school need to be teaching these kids to read and write and add and subtract and do the things that are supposed to be done in school,” DeSantis said.

“Injecting these agendas into it is wrong, and that’s why we did the Parent’s Rights and Education bill,” he continue.

Videos and images from the drag show angered many parents.

“It used to be kids would be off-limits,” DeSantis pointed out.

“Used to be everybody agreed with that.

“And now it just seems like there’s a concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age-appropriate.”

Original Article: DeSantis to Send CPS to Parents Who Force Children to Attend Drag Queen Shows

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