Disgraced Royal, Prince Andrew, is facing a new legal nightmare as a woman has come forward who claims she was raped by Jeffery Epstein while Andrew was present!  

Lawyers for Caroline Kaufman, 28, claim she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein in December 2010, when she was only 17. Her representatives say Andrew was visiting the pedophile financier in his home in New York on the same night, and are seeking a statement from the Duke. He was pictured inside the Upper East Side townhouse during the visit, and Kaufman’s representatives say he could act as a potential witness.

Kaufman’s civil lawsuit brought against Epstein’s expansive estate, does not accuse the Duke of any wrongdoing, nor does it allege that he was aware of the attack by Epstein on her person.

Kaufman’s lawyer Spencer Kuvin said he would consider serving Andrew with legal papers in order to secure a statement from him as a material witness in the proceedings.

Kuvin told the Mirror, “We are looking into serving Prince Andrew.

“We’d get a subpoena issued here in the States, which is brought over to England and localized, then we would have to locate him and have him served.

“He should be a fairly easy target to locate.”

In her claim against Epstein’s $630 million estate, filed at Manhattan Federal Court, Kaufman said she was invited to his house for a “modeling interview.”

She says she was then taken to a massage room, where she was allegedly raped by the millionaire. The suit alleges that Andrew was in the home at the time.

The new revelations by Kaufman’s attorneys come just a week after Andrew reportedly lobbied the Queen to try and return to his royal duties and ceremonial roles.

He missed the one Platinum Jubilee event he was due to attend, a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, after the palace announced he had tested positive for Covid just a few days prior.

Prince Andrew has previously denied that he ever witnessed any “wrongdoing” by Epstein.

3 thoughts on “More Legal Troubles for Prince Andrew Involving Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein”
  1. Lawyers bringing out NOW – long after Epstein’s death, and instead of feeling safe now- another “victim” with financial claims.
    Is “victim” a registered profession now? Could I get a qualification and certificate. By the way, I was raped – but am not interested.
    I just would wish that not every sort of lust were glorified and legalized – You see, my rapist was just an ordinary gay.

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