A Florida couple is facing gruesome child abuse charges after their 6-year-old son was found unconscious with his head in a motel toilet bowl earlier this month, officials said.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to a Kissimmee motel after receiving reports that a child was in severe distress at the location and that his head was in a toilet, according to Local 10.

Arriving officers discovered Larry Rhodes, 22, holding the unconscious tot with badly swollen eyes and found that he had no pulse.

The boy was rushed to a local hospital where doctors discovered severe brain bleeding and placed him on life support. He remains in critical condition.

Deputies also found five other children with signs of physical abuse at the hellish scene, including burns, scars, black eyes, bleeding and extensive bruising.

Rhodes, 22, and his girlfriend, Bianca Blaise, 25, were both arrested and slapped with child abuse charges.

In interviews, the couple claimed that the various injuries were sustained during fights between the siblings.

Blaise told police that she arrived at the room to find the 6-year-old’s head in the toilet and that he appeared to be drinking out of the bowl.

She said she later realized that he was unconscious.

The couple had been staying at the Knights Inn since April.

They insisted to police that they never hit their children — but their 4-year-old told investigators that “daddy hit me.”

Rhodes and Blaise said they disciplined their kids only by having them stand in the corner of the motel room and perform exercises.

Both were held on $15,000 bond after their initial court appearance.

Blaise eventually posted bail and has been released.

Original Article: Florida couple arrested for beaten 6-year-old found in motel toilet (nypost.com)

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  1. ANYONE who abuses children, who are helpless and entrapped, should spend the rest of their days in prison! There is NO excuse for this abuse!! NONE!! If your chikdren are unwanted, give them up to be taken care of by someone else who could love them and treat them right. This kinda stuff is sickening. Children have NO recourse! Parents DO have recourse. Children rely TOTALLY on their parents (guardians) for everything. “LOVE THEM OR LEAVE THEM” WITH SOMEONE WHO WILL!!

  2. What is God’s name was this woman released? You will never see her again, she is an abuser and you know it. Can only afford to live in a motel but yet has the money to bail out of jail. What is this world coming to?

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