President Joe Biden became agitated and approached a reporter Tuesday after he was asked for his response to a recent poll showing a majority of Democrats do not want him to seek re-election in 2024.

“Mr. President, what’s your message to Democrats who don’t want you to run again?” the reporter asked at the White House congressional picnic.

Biden, walking adjacent to the reporter, paused in his tracks, telling the reporter “they want me to run,” and for him to “read the polls.” The reporter noted that roughly two-thirds of Democrats say they do not want him to run again according to a New York Times survey.

“Read the polls, Jack, you guys are all the same,” Biden continued as he slowly began walking up closely to the reporter and the camera. “That poll showed that 92% of Democrats, if I ran, would vote for me.”

Both the reporter and Biden reiterated their claims to each other, with the reporter again claiming that a majority of Democrats do not want Biden to campaign in 2024, and Biden refuting the statistic, claiming it was quite the opposite. 

The interaction comes as the media has highlighted numerous polls that show Biden is in hot water with American voters, including voters of his own party. The numbers Biden and the reporter spoke of came from a New York Times/Sienna College poll conducted between July 5 and 7.

In this particular situation, the reporter was in fact correct in his assessment that a majority, or around two-thirds, of Democrats do not want Biden to seek the presidency again in two years’ time. The poll revealed that a staggering 64% of Democratic voters agree that somewhat else should take the mantle in 2024. 

As for Biden’s statistic of 92%, that number does appear in the poll, but is not attributable to a question about whether he should or should not run in 2024. Instead, the statistic is in reference to the fact that 92% of Democrats would still vote for Biden in a hypothetical rematch against former President Donald Trump. 

The poll also highlighted a number of other notable insights into the national mood regarding Biden and his administration. 

The polling shows particular frustration among younger voters, showing 94% of Democrats under the age of 30 would prefer a different nominee. The poll also found that just 13% of Americans believe the country is on the right track. 

Original Article: Biden lashes out at reporter asking about dismal approval among Dems: ‘Read the polls, Jack’

6 thoughts on “Biden Agitated When Asked Why Dems Won’t Vote For Him In 2024”
  1. Let Biden do the job we voted him in for the gop needs to stay out of the Democrats business. VOTE JOE BIDEN IN A 2ND TIME HE HAS THE EXPERIENCE AMERICA NEEDS. GOP get out of our way. He is not too old he cannot understand the way people are today the same thing happened to Ronald Reagan lets stand by who we vote for we cannot let others change our minds. VOTE JOE BIDEN 2024.

    1. So is he doing the job you voted him in for? You wanted a horrific crisis at the border? You wanted him to shut down all of our energy resources leaving us dependent on other countries? You wanted to pay more money for everything? You like the crime rate being at an all time high? You like that that piece of shit is giving away and spending so much money that he is going to raise our taxes to pay for his stupid decisions? You like that he is passing gun laws that are not worth the paper they are written on because our borders are wide open and guns and drugs are pouring in our country?? Is this the America you want? Total fucking chaos??? Joe Biden legacy will be the most anti American president Never elected, he is not qualified to run this country and by the time 2024 gets here, he will be in a home, wearing a diaper, he already can’t pronounce big words!!! You are deranged if you think he’s doing a good job, completely deranged!!!! 86/46

    2. He’s doing the job you voted for him to do ! Don’t even compare this slug to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan loved America. Biden hates America and can’t sell it’s citizens down the river fast enough. He and his crime family should all be in jail since we don’t hang traitors anymore.

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