Rhode Island state Senator Tiara Mack, a Democrat, has made a rather unusual pitch to voters ahead of the state primary election to be held in a couple of months.

In a series of beach-themed TikTok videos released on the Fourth of July, Sen. Mack and friends discuss “nip slips” and eating “the rich,” and then Mack herself stands on her head and twerks upside down while someone off camera repeatedly expresses admiration for “that a**.” She closes the video by reminding viewers to “vote Senator Mack.”

Warning: Extremely suggestive content.

An unidentified woman in another video advises people — ostensibly women and girls — to “try to be a skinny ho.”

The social media backlash to the videos must have been severe, because Mack then took to Twitter later that night to try to troll her critics: “Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday.” However, as @LibsofTikTok notes in the replies, all Mack managed to do was set herself up to be ratioed.

This is hardly the first time Mack has garnered national attention for overt sexuality. Back in February, Mack drew the ire of parents across Rhode Island and beyond when she tweeted out: “Really excited for the house sex ed bill hearing later today. Teaching comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed was a highlight of my time teaching.”

To demonstrate what she means by “comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed,” Mack shared a lesson she had once conducted about “gender role, norms, and sterotypes” (sic), using Old Spice commercials as an example. This lesson prompted students to generate a list of masculine “norms and sterotypes” that included “big penis,” “pubic hair,” and “girl catcher/player.”

There is no indication how old the children receiving this lesson were. A brief biography of Mack given on her campaign website claims, “She started her journey in education teaching sex-ed in Providence schools as an undergraduate. Tiara previously worked in Providence as a Recruiter to ensure students have teachers that represent their backgrounds, experiences, and future selves. She now works as a Youth Organizer, empowering young people to engage in local and national social issues.”

Aside from teaching sex ed to the young people of Rhode Island, Mack has devoted much of her time to other sex-related causes. On Twitter, Mack calls herself an “Abortion Fundraiser,” and her tweets testify that she has attempted to raise considerable funds for abortion. She also claims to be a former Planned Parenthood employee and a current PP volunteer.

The Rhode Island primary will be held on September 13, 2022.

Original Article: Rhode Island state senator discusses ‘nip slips,’ twerks upside down in bizarre, sexually charged video series to promote campaign

6 thoughts on “Extremely Liberal Rhode Island Senator Shakes Her A** For Votes”
    1. Hey Patrick, now she’s claiming that it’s we white folks that are offended by her trash ass behavior. So yeah, it must be a black thing. VP Harris, 20 something sleeping with a 60 something married man to further her career. Montel Williams was one of her conquests. Nuff-said!

    2. Well, finally, the Democrats have reached the bottom of the barrel. One can only hope the only way they can go next is up !

  1. I just want to know how much lower these leftists can go. This is pure trash and if anybody falls for this, they’re as sick as she is, but consider the source. They will pander to anything, and I guess whoring yourself is the new way to get voters. Bring common decency back, please!

  2. WHY NOT?!?!?!? Isn’t that how the supposed VP of this country got started, rose up through the ranks and NOW is the sitting VP ???? Old Saying – whatever it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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