The case of New York City bodega clerk Jose Alba has enraged people and propelled ultraliberal billionaire George Soros’s war on the criminal justice system to center stage.

Alba, 61, was working alone on the night of July 1. A child picked up a bag of chips, and her mother handed Alba an EBT card, which was declined. Angry that Alba took the chips from her child, she indignantly left the bodega. Afterward, her boyfriend, 35-year-old career criminal Austin Simon, stormed into the store, went behind the counter, and attacked Alba. During the struggle, Alba grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed Simon.

Most of the altercation was captured by a surveillance camera, which clearly showed that Simon was the aggressor. Even Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams argued Alba acted in self-defense.

Yet the city’s far-left, Soros-backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg viewed Simon as the “victim” in the case. Inexplicably, Bragg charged Alba with second-degree murder, set his bail at $250,000, and sent Alba to Rikers Island, a prison reserved for the city’s most violent criminals.

Although the precise definition of second-degree murder varies by state, according to Cornell Law School , it is “murder with malicious intent but not premeditated. The mens rea of the defendant is intent to kill, intent to inflict serious bodily harm, or act with an abandoned heart.”

A judge lowered Alba’s bail to $50,000, and after spending five days behind bars, he was released.

Since taking office in January, Bragg’s leniency with the city’s real criminals, including Simon, and his eagerness to throw the book at law-abiding citizens like Alba, has alarmed New Yorkers — with good reason. He and other leftist district attorneys across the country, including Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and recently bucked San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, are endangering the lives of America’s city residents by letting crime go unchecked.

One begins to wonder whether this is the goal. For years, Soros has been quietly and methodically working to elect progressive candidates like Bragg to powerful district attorney positions and other key roles in local governments throughout America. The number of Soros-backed district attorneys in the country has grown with each election, and their influence on the criminal justice system cannot be ignored.

There’s a distinct relationship between these liberal prosecutors and the rising crime rates in the cities and counties under their jurisdictions. Criminals no longer fear punishment. In San Francisco, for example, theft and drug-related crimes committed by repeat offenders became so widespread that the city’s Democratic voters overwhelmingly voted to recall Boudin earlier this summer.

A few years ago, most people likely wouldn’t have paid much attention to Boudin. They probably wouldn’t have even known who Bragg was. But more and more people are beginning to recognize the tremendous power these attorneys wield. Prosecutorial discretion affects the criminal justice system directly — and through it the lives of citizens.

And no one is more keenly aware of the influence local politicians can have on a community, a county, or a state, than Soros. He recently donated $1 million to the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, according to Politico . The pivotal roles played by the secretaries of state in the 2020 presidential election, particularly in battleground states, clearly were not lost on Soros.

But voters are also starting to notice the devastation that Soros’s silent assault on our system of criminal justice has wrought. Boudin has been recalled, and efforts to oust Gascon, Bragg, and Soros-backed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner are also underway.

There’s no doubt the wokest among us will continue to call for emptying our prisons and going soft on criminals in the name of diversity and equity. But there is reason to believe that those in the middle, including independents and even centrist Democrats, are making the connection between the morally bankrupt billionaire’s manipulation of local races and the spiking crime rates in cities.

The phrase “ all politics is local ” coined decades ago by then-House Speaker Tip O’Neill, has never been more applicable.

Original Article: Soros’s silent assault on criminal justice system is destroying the country one city at a time

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  1. The King of Evil, POS George Soros should be thrown out of our Country on His head. He was not born here and since he’s consistently destroying our Country and trying to make it a Communist Country, he should have no rights, no matter how much money he has. He is a malignant cancer destructive cancer to our Society. He should rot in hell!!!

  2. sorass might have a bit to do with the destruction of this once-great country, BUT more than anything it is the libtard party with the IOTWH sorta in charge that is most responsible.

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