Censorship has become the standard punishment for raising questions about the effectiveness and/or safety of vaccines.

Author and journalist Alex Berenson is one of the prominent voices targeted by the Biden administration over questioning the COVID shots.

LifeSite News (August 15, 2022) published a story about how Alex Berenson obtained internal messages revealing that officials within the Biden administration specifically asked Twitter in 2021 to censor him because of his tweets that questioned the COVID vaccines. Berenson tweeted screenshots of some of the messages exchanged between the Biden administration and Twitter.

One message by a Twitter employee reads:

They had one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off the platform.

While the messages between Biden officials and Twitter showed the government pressured Twitter into censoring Berenson, others exchanged between Twitter employees also revealed that they failed to find Berenson in violation of the platform’s rules.

In July 2021, Berenson was suspended from Twitter after the Biden administration’s continued pressure on social media platforms to stop providing room to voices critical of the COVID shots.  A month later, he was banned from Twitter for saying that the COVID shots should not be called vaccines because they don’t prevent infection or transmission of the disease—something the CDC later admitted.

Last week, Berenson tweeted that he is suing the Biden administration for violating his First Amendment rights to free speech.

Berenson sued Twitter in December 2021 and the lawsuit ended in a settlement with Twitter restoring his account and acknowledging that he was wrongfully suspended.

The attacks on Berenson are just the tip of the iceberg of censorship that is endlessly at work, trying to sink loads of information exposing the failure of COVID shots as well as the devastating damage to public health across the world. In the latest news, Facebook and Instagram suspended the accounts of the nonprofit Children’s Health Defense (CHD). Led by Robert Kennedy Jr., CHD actively shares politically incorrect information about the risks of vaccines. 

Facebook and Instagram have claimed that CHD violated their rules on COVID-19 misinformation. But Kennedy is convinced it’s government censorship at work through these social media sites. In his words:

Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies.

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