House Republicans say that Joe Biden’s current push for electric vehicles will only benefit China and cost Americans Jobs!

In a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, 16 lawmakers led by the House Oversight Committee’s Ranking Member Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., write that they are examining “the false claims” made by the Biden administration regarding the impact of electric cars on U.S. jobs.

“As the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and an advocate for Americans’ widespread adoption of E.V.s [electric vehicles], your agency is in a position to explain how Ford’s actions help American workers and the economy,” they write in the letter, which was first obtained and reported on by Fox.

The letter refers to Ford Motor Co.’s admission that in order to comply with Biden’s push for electric cars and trucks, the company intends to purchase its rechargeable batteries from China.

Biden set a goal of having electric vehicles make up at least half of all vehicle sales in America by 2030, and the Department of Energy announced in May more than $3 billion in funding to bolster supply chains and expand domestic production of advanced batteries in an effort to meet that goal.

However, Ford said that it is planning to cut as many as 8,000 jobs as the company looks to make its way to becoming a leader in the electric car market. The company also announced that it will obtain electric vehicle batteries from a Chinese company–Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited (CATL), and not from a domestic source.

“CATL alone ‘holds one-third of the global electric-car-battery market.’ This raises concerns about whether the push for E.V.s over gas-fueled vehicles will make America even more reliant on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) instead of American energy resources,” the lawmakers write.

They call the reliance of American manufacturers on CATL “particularly troubling” because the company is “influential in the Chinese government.”

The GOP lawmakers further contend in the letter, “CATL is considering two factories in Mexico to produce batteries for Ford and other vehicle manufacturers. It is troubling that the Administration-endorsed EV future is already eliminating American jobs while benefiting China.”

The lawmakers demand a briefing from Buttigieg before Aug. 31 to address the loss of American jobs and the benefit to China.

7 thoughts on “House Republicans Say Biden’s Push for E-Vehicles Will Help China!”
  1. Biden owes his entire existence to China! Biden and son are so deep in corruption with China. China now tells Joe to jump, and he responds, how high?

  2. Let’s imagine….A category 5 hurricane is bearing down on Gulf or eastern states. An evacuation is called, your EV car is fully charged and you leave with your family. Your expecting your battery power is sufficient to get you 200 to 300 miles. You head towards the Interstate highway which normally takes a 3 hour drive to your destination and the traffic is backed up and is moving at a snails pace. You’ve been in traffic for 6-10 hours and still haven’t reached your destination. You look at your battery conditioned charged rate and in those 6-10 hours you used up about all it had been charged. Your forced to pull over the Interstate shoulder since you have no means of power to continue. You cannot call AAA for a new battery or even gas since your vehicle is an EV and the charge station is miles away if it is available and not being used. You’re stranded with your family at the mercy of the storm. Biden should have taken a step at a time when issuing his executive order for EVs. The first step he should have been Hybrids which are EV and have a gas engine. That is why I own a Hybrid and stay in Louisiana, and I have a secondary means of power. This needs to be carefully thought before purchasing an EV.

  3. Remember back in 1949 when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with treason for giving the Russians the plans for the A bomb , they were executed. Tell me what the difference is now what Hunter Biden and his dad have done. Just saying.

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