Monday marked a new level of political vendetta by the Democrats and federal agencies as President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by dozens of FBI agents under the pretext of searching for classified documents. The faces behind this political attack are already being unmasked, an important one of these being of the judge that authorized this raid.

The media has revealed that the federal judge who signed the search warrant for the FBI to carry out the raid on Mar-a-Lago has a history of protecting employees of the infamous child rapist and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. The New York Post reported that Judge Bruce Reinhart, in his days as a prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s office, represented a number of Epstein’s workers including Epstein’s pilots, his scheduler, and a woman that Epstein had called his “Yugoslavian sex slave.” On the first day of 2008, Reinhart resigned from his position as a prosecutor and went to work for Epstein’s cohorts.

Reinhart is also an Obama donor. Media reports reveal that Reinhart donated a couple of thousand dollars to Obama’s campaign and fundraiser. In 2016, he made a $500 donation to Jeb Bush – a competitor of Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primaries that Trump eventually won.  The story also reported that two of Epstein’s victims had accused Reinhart of violating Justice Department policies to favor Epstein.

The Daily Wire reported on Tuesday that Judge Reinhart made a Facebook post on January 14, 2017, that criticized then President-Elect Trump. He wrote:

Thank you, Robert Reich, for saying what many of us feel, “John Lewis is the conscience of America. Donald Trump doesn’t have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis’s feet.”

The story added that in October 2017, Reinhart posted about “white privilege” in a Facebook group called WokeFolks.

The legal news website reported on Tuesday that the contact information for Judge Bruce Reinhart’s contact information has been removed from the website of the United States District Court.

Southern District of Florida after media revealed him to be the one signing the FBI search warrant. The court’s page listing its magistrate judges shows that the information page for Reinhart has been removed while that of every other judge is available.

5 thoughts on “Judge Authorizing FBI Raid on Trump’s House Linked to Obama and Epstein”
  1. The Democrats are more focused on keeping Trump from running, when in reality, if they were doing the right thing, GOOD things FOR AMERICA AND AMERICANS, they wouldn’t have to waste time and unnecessary money on trying to bury the competition.
    🤮🤮DEMOCRATS ARE DIRTY!!! #RedwaveinNovember!!!!!!

  2. The Biden’s, the Clintons, the Obama’s, the leaders of the FBI, and the heads of the DOJ should all be put in prison for trying to destroy America

  3. Because of the dirty, underhanded way AG Garland, the FBI, and Bruce Reinhart conducted the raid on Trump’s home, I would believe nothing—absolutely nothing— these thugs have to say. Nobody could convince me these liberals are above planting evidence or bugging Mar-A Lago. The raid was clearly planned to take place when Trump was in NY. What is now clear is Biden and his party are so scared of Trump, they will do anything to eliminate their political competition.

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