The nice thing about Democracy is that it offers a choice. In Los Angeles, the choice is between the odious Adam Schiff and a guy calling himself Maebe A. Girl:

G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo, a progressive Democrat and drag queen who identifies as transgender non-binary, is challenging Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California during the 2022 election.

Girl received a bit less than 13% of the primary vote, coming in a distant second to Schiff who earned more than 62% — the two will face off during the general election later this year.

Girl wants to be a “voice for trans people.” The liberal establishment aggressively promotes their agenda at everyone else’s expense, but too much is never enough when it comes to favoritism for mentally ill sexual deviants.

He’s right about this much:

“I think that if there’s any place where a progressive, especially a trans nonbinary person can get elected, it’s Los Angeles.”

Or any other suppurating pustule of a city where moonbats have established cultural hegemony.

His specific demands include that men be allowed to play in women’s sports and that they be let into private facilities intended for women only such as restrooms and locker rooms. Many other Democrats have been making these same demands, but usually not while dressed as an insultingly grotesque parody of a woman.

“Healthcare, housing, and education are all human rights,” squawks Girl. That is, forcing other people to pay for them is a human right. He wants to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement so that taxpayers can furnish these goodies gratis to the entire planet.

His attitudes place him in the Democrat mainstream. There is no reason to believe that Mr Girl would be any worse that Adam Schiff — who may be the next Speaker of the House if he is reelected.

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Original Article: LA: A Choice Between Adam Schiff and Maebe A. Girl

6 thoughts on “L.A. Drag Queen Might Unseat Adam Schiff!”
  1. How can a person who doesn’t know what sex he is, born a man…lives as a woman, be able to make wise and legal decisions. If Los Angeles votes this “thing” in they deserve all they get. What has happen to our country?

  2. I cannot stand the spineless lying Schift BUT, he is still better than a mentally ill, Maebe. I could never trust anyone who believes that they could change their gender. We do need a sane, America First Republican to challenge Schift.

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