“The First Lady”, a series on Showtime featuring Viola Davis as Michelle Obama got canceled after dismal ratings in its first season.

“The First Lady”

Showtime released a dramatic anthology series called “The First Lady,” which lasted one series and ten episodes.

The series was “A revelatory reframing of American leadership through the lens of the First Ladies. Starring Viola Davis as Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, this series delves deep into the Ladies’ personal and political lives”, according to Showtime.

Breitbart pointed out that “The First Lady focused the wives of the presidents, with the plan to cover three administrations per season. The first season also starred Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt.”

It’s Canceled

Season 1 of The First Lady had a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 58% audience satisfaction score. In a report by Dateline, the show received a “lukewarm reception from critics.”

The show continued to receive negative reviews where fans pointed out their dislike of Viola Davis and her decision to “purse her lips,” who imitated Michelle Obama, calling it distracting for viewers. Davis found critical comments hurtful.

Viewers also concluded that Viola Davis, and Gillian Anderson who played Eleanor Roosevelt, were poorly cast in the series.

The series did not get any Emmy Award nominations, although it did receive a few nods in technical categories.

Showtime And The Woke Agenda?

In a report by Total Conservative, “Though it focused on others, the show was often seen as a way to promote and celebrate Michelle Obama, a woman …. whose potential career aspirations they’d obviously like to further by keeping her in our minds with a high-budget, dramatic show connecting her with such famous figures from history as Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Critics say the series was a way to promote the woke-racism agenda, using Michelle Obama, a black woman, as a token player.

Although there is no second term for The First Lady, fans who tuned in are hopeful for a comeback.

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  1. Who the hell wants to look at that ugly face?
    One down, many to go!
    Where is Hilarious’s show?
    Another dumpster fire!

  2. Wow – they got a guy to play mike – just look at that 5oclock shadow…………..Or maybe it is just make-up to accurately portray mike……………..

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