I proffer that rhetorical question because Vice President Harris appears to have escaped public exposure more than her boss.  President Biden pops up once in a while in one of his highly managed events with limited public or press exposure.

Apparently, President Biden has taken the admonition on the pictured t-shirt seriously – but not as it was intended.  Harris’ public exposure is not limited.  It is virtually nonexistent.

At the onset of the Biden administration, the President assigned a number of major controversial policy issues to his running mate.  Whether that was due to his confidence in her or – as some pundits suggested – the crafty old man was giving her assignments that were beyond his willingness or ability to solve.

It was not only the conjecture of the pundit class but there were also reports of “friction” between the presidential and vice-presidential staffs – and reports that even Harris was bitc …. I mean complaining.  The biggest news flowing out of the Vice President’s office was a stream of staff departures – some with unkind words about their former boss.

Among the roles assigned to Harris were the border crisis (although Biden calls it “the immigration issue” if he mentions it at all), voting rights, police racism, and women’s issues (aka abortion).  Hmmmm.  It does look like Biden lateraled the hot potato issues to her.

Given the high level of public interest and controversy surrounding those issues, one might expect Harris to be in the news every day.  But Noooo.  She is becoming more difficult to find than Waldo.  Even Biden does not get a whiff of her in the Oval Office.

If she has been put in political isolated confinement, it may be understandable.  In the few past outings, I can recall Harris did not do so well. 

She produced an embarrassing guffaw during her trip to Poland in conjunction with the war in Ukraine (it was that laugh) – and that was not even on her assignment list.  Her contributing to the bail for rioters (no, not those on Capitol Hill) – one of whom used his freedom to kill a person a few days later.  Perhaps Team Biden believed that no-news Harris is better for the effort than bad-news Harris.

But still, it makes one wonder how she can be the point person on something as huge, critical, and dangerous (actually deadly in many ways) as the flood of migrants at the border – the flow of drugs – and still be ignored.  I guess one way is to avoid being seen within 1,000 miles of the border. It is not like Biden is paying any attention to the border crisis.  Except for MSNBC, the border issue hits the news frequently – just no Harris.  

MSNBC in their sell-out to the left operates under the theory that it is not news if they do not report it.  But Harris is not even appearing on MSNBC.

There is one issue where Harris could excel.  It is the response to the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court.  She did have a moment in the spotlight on that one for a day, but it appeared to be too good of a political issue for democrats, so Biden took it back.

Did no one notice that Biden did not even use Harris as a prop when giving his so-called “democracy speech” – as he had on other occasions?  Occasionally he would use her as a warm-up act or as his quintessential fawning introducer in the spirit of Johnny Carson’s Ed McMahon – you know, heeere’s Joey!

Well … to be honest, I do not miss her.  After all, none of those issues allegedly assigned to Harris are laughing matters.

So, there ‘tis.

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