While former President Barack Obama recently wined and dined with his daughters in LA, his Secret Service detail parked his limo in a handicapped spot and stayed there for over two hours, according to reports!

After enjoying dinner at a posh sushi restaurant, Obama got into his vehicle with the girls and drove away.

However, what shocked onlookers was that the vehicle was left in a handicapped space.

It seemed that the former president’s staff took little notice that the “convenient” space was reserved for the disabled; moreover, the adjoining spot – also reserved for the handicapped — was also cordoned off with an orange cone.

Barack Obama, dressed in white, appeared unfazed by violating the clear parking rule.

Barack Obama is among other Democratic politicians who were caught behaving badly while blatantly disregarding rules made for ordinary people.

A few years ago, Hillary Clinton was in the news when her escort occupied the handicapped parking area outside of an Iowa café for an hour while Clinton was in a meeting.

Similarly, in August 2022, the Secret Service assigned to Doug Emhoff, husband of VP Kamala Harris, created blockades for the disabled as they restricted access to various handicapped areas for about 20 minutes at an LA food store.

As of the writing of this story, Barack Obama has not issued any formal apology for the serious error of judgment by his Secret Service detail.

7 thoughts on “Obama Parks In Handicapped Spaces Illegally!”
  1. You can bet if a Republican parked in a handicap parking spot. They would have it all over the news and let them have it with both barrels. The Democratic Party is so deplorable . They have rules for everyone but themselves. Hit everyone of these Democrats with a hefty fine for parking in these Handicap parking spot . Go for fines like first offense $1500. Sec offense $2500. Third offense take their drivers license and jail time for no longer than a year in jail

  2. Exactly what about this is a surprise to any breathing citizen in 2022? The people named, and the described “crimes” they committed, are clearly far superior to the rest of us “useless eaters.” Especially, they are far more deserving of an easy walk to their car than any disabled “less than” citizens. But do keep in mind, you silly, deplorable people who hopelessly believe in law and order, respect for others, and genuine morality: WHY would the people named herein be subject to such little laws when they are guaranteed a free pass on the biggies like Treason, Extortion, Murder, and Conspiracy thereto? It’s a free ride for them and others of their ilk, in whose opinion they alone determine your life’s outcomes. But you, who will own nothing and yet be happy once they’ve taken your property, health (thus primary cognition), and freedoms away … have GIVEN them their free rides by your tacit approval. You can only stop this new world order (over your lives) by voting against them and their slimy Taker friends … and by voting in the Makers (of America, great again), in a free/fair election. Better do and demand it next month or it’ll be too late, and you’ll soon learn just how Third World they want our beloved USA to be.

  3. Osama Barrack Obama, has always been bad to the U.S., first of all he is not an American, no matter how you swing it, he is not.. and while in Chicago where he was a Senator, never stood up for the Ceremonies. while president, / what a waste??.. and still so many stupid American idolized this piece of shit person, where he never did anything for the USA., but he stole money left and right together with Hillary, Biden a real crook, matter of fact there isnt a single Democrat that has done anything right for our country for decades, on the other hand Hillary and the Big crook of them all, G. Soros, stole from Haiti, billions of dollars from the earthquake funds. OSAMA B. OBAMA, MUST BE PUT IN JAIL FOR BRAKING SO MANY LAWS, AND FOR THE SAME BY HOLDING SECRETS DOCUMENTS AT THIS WAREHOUSE, AS WELL AS THE BILLIONS HE STOLE.

  4. obamama just proved what I have thought about that punk from day one – he IS mentally handicapped, all he needed was a handicap sticker or sign…………………
    The other thing tho is he proved once again he is nothing but a racist by wearing all white – just a thought!

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