Despite the Catholic Church’s supposed strong stand against abortion, Pope Francis has again shown his propensity to flow with the contemporary abortion culture.  While Francis occasionally reiterates the Church’s longstanding opposition to abortion, he does not put action behind his words.

Terminating the life of an unborn child for anything less than the life of the mother or the child has been one of those BIG mortal sins.  That is the kind that gets you eternal damnation unless mitigated by a sincere confession and promise to never do it again.

Many cardinals and Catholic theologians argue that having, performing or supporting abortion is an automatic excommunication from the Church.  Such actions call for the exclusion of the holy sacraments – including Holy Communion.  

Of course, pro-life is not exclusively a tenet of religion.  Protecting human life is a primary duty of a civilized society.  It may even be a primeval instinct for the survival of the species.  Except for abortion, the taking of a human life is universally considered one of the most egregious of crimes.  

The Catholic Church – and pro-lifers in general – see the life in the womb as a developing human being … a person. Therefore, the needless extermination is a heinous act.

Under the progressive leadership of Francis, the Catholic Church has gone soft on abortion.  The rule remains, but enforcement is lacking.  Even for Catholics, having or performing an abortion is not even worthy of mandatory confession much less an excommunication.

There is a huge grey area when it comes to politicians.  Pro-abortion politicians have come up with a clever dodge – they personally oppose abortion but will not inflict their opinion or their religious views on others.  Many of our most active pro-abortion politicians proclaim themselves to be “good Catholics” – including President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden and Pelosi have been among the most determined promoters of abortion, and yet Francis has not raised the issue in meetings with them.

Francis’ tacit approval of abortions is seen in his recent elevation of bishops to cardinals.  Notable among the group is Bishop Robert Walter McElroy of San Diego.  Virtually all cardinals are chosen from the ranks of the archbishops, but not McElroy.  He is a run-of-the-mill bishop – a full rank below the archbishops.

McElroy is also an outspoken bishop on abortion.  He, like Francis, does not believe politicians should be barred communion no matter how intensely they promote unlimited abortion-on-demand.  He does not believe the Catholic Church’s morals should be enforced.

I am not a member of any religion, but as a pro-lifer, I can still wish that the Catholic Church would enforce its moral laws.  Hypocrisy does not look good in a religious institution – and Francis is looking more and more like a hypocrite when it comes to abortion.   And so are a lot of Catholic politicians. 

So, there ‘tis,

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