The back story: Ashley left a halfway house in Palm Beach after a stay for drug addiction and other psychological issues.  She left her diary behind when she moved out.  (The Biden kids seem to have a habit of leaving behind embarrassing and even incriminating evidence.  Think Hunter laptop.)

A woman named Aimee Harris found the diary and took it.  She subsequently sold it to the investigative media organization, Project Veritas, for $40,000.  Veritas did not release the diary, but it was leaked to National File, which initially published excerpts and ultimately the entire contents.

The FBI got involved.  Since taking the diary that had been obviously abandoned by Ashley, they did not press charges for stealing the diary.  But they did charge Harris and co-defendant Robert Kurlander with selling stolen goods.  (I know … that does not make sense).  Harris and Kurlander have subsequently pleaded guilty.

There was some consideration to charging Project Veritas with trafficking in stolen goods, but so far that is not being pursued – as well is should not.  There are innumerable cases in which media organizations accepted or paid for stolen information.  The FBI does not seem to be spending much time on tracking down the culprit who leaked the preliminary draft of the Roe V. Wade decision.  Handing stolen information to the media is a daily occurrence in Washington.

The Department of Justice can punish those who handled the diary, but they cannot – as they say – put the toothpaste back in the tube.

As with her brother Hunter’s laptop, the information in Ashley’s diary contains a lot of information that would be considered blockbuster scandals if the events described had become public at the time.

Like her brother, Ashley has fought the demons of drug and sex addiction.  It lays out a series to arrests and treatment programs. She has been described as “homeless” – traveling from house to house in Palm Beach.

Should this be of public concern?  For most folks, not really.  But in terms of a highly vulnerable and compromised daughter of a senator, Vice President, and President, such behavior represents a serious security risk.  We have already seen how bad actors have used Hunter to get to the President

It is also important to understand how President Biden responds to his children’s problems and their associates.  We already know that Papa Biden lied when he said he knew absolutely nothing about Hunter’s business dealings. 

Biden had taken his son on overseas trips to meet powerful political and business leaders to promote Hunter’s availability for “business” – and those contacts in Ukraine, China, and Russia have netted the Biden family hundreds of millions of dollars.  We know that Biden forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating Hunter’s corrupt employer, Burisma Holdings.  We know Biden met with Hunter’s business associates socially and in the White House. And Biden is indubitably “the big guy” mentioned in text messages – the guy who gets 10 percent of the deal. 

Ashley does not seem to be the same level threat as brother Hunter.  She does not seem to be trafficking in her relationship with the President.  But she is still a risk.

But there are some notations in the diary that are disturbing – and I do not think she would mention them if SHE did not find her father’s action … disturbing.  Ashley partially attributes her sex addition to inappropriate showers with her father.  She wrote:

“I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age…I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate).”

It is hard to know exactly what she means, but it does raise the controversy that has embroiled Biden in the past – his touchy-feely hair-sniffing habit with women and girls and the sexual assault accusation by a staffer.

Anyone who has had to deal with addictions within a family knows that it is always tragic for loved ones.

For the most part, the peccadillos of Presidential family members are not germane – unless they reflect on the presidency in some way.  That has been the case of Trump’s children – and is the case of Biden’s children.  Ashley and Hunter have dragged their father into their issues – or vice versa.

So, there ‘tis.

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