There’s no end to the tragic stories that come out of America’s southern border crisis, created when Joe Biden was elected and canceled the security programs implemented by President Donald Trump.

Families are separated, migrants drown crossing rivers, illegal aliens die in the deserts, and more deaths come from operations coyotes, human smugglers, have set up – that fail.

Then there are those who survive the trip and face the difficulties of making their way inside the United States.

One Texas sheriff has seen the conditions immigrants face, and he has no praise for a federal government that is allowing this influx of foreigners, and the crime lords that are taking advantage.

“It’s an invasion that’s being brought on by transnational criminal organizations in Mexico that are bringing a peon class of slaves into the United States,” charged Roy Boyd, sheriff of Goliad County, Texas. “This is an epic battle of good versus evil, because we have a government that is actually promoting the movement of slaves from one country to another. … These people are being put into indentured servitude in the United States.”

His comments were reported in the Washington Stand, a division of the Family Research Council..

That report explained, “Boyd’s sentiments echo the words used by authorities in Georgia in December 2021, when a ‘modern-day slavery’ ring was uncovered that freed at least 100 illegal immigrants from inhumane working and living conditions, in which at least two died, others forced to work at gunpoint, and another repeatedly raped. The perpetrators were part of a ‘transnational criminal organization’ that ‘engaged in human trafficking, visa fraud, forced labor, mail fraud, money laundering, and other crimes that earned the collaborators more than $200 million.'”

Boyd said the actual number of migrants involved also is far higher than what is reported.

“When you come down to South Texas, one of the things you have to realize is that the Border Patrol encounters over 100,000 illegal aliens crossing into the United States, just into Texas every month,” he said. “And [just] so you understand … Border Patrol, according to their own people on the streets, only encounter what they estimate to be 8 to 15% of the people that actually illegally cross into the United States.”

The sheriff said the smugglers that bring people to the border, and sometimes across, are in it for their money, not to help someone.

“We have encountered people here at the sheriff’s office who thought they were coming to the United States to be reunited with their families, only to find that they were going to be placed into bondage in unspeakable situations here in the United States,” he said. “This should not be happening.”

Since Joe Biden took office, more than 3.5 million people have crossed the southern border illegally. That’s many times the traffic under Trump’s security policies, including “Remain-in-Mexico” for asylum seekers and the border wall.

Illegal drugs also are flooding into the U.S. across the border, too.

Boyd described the problem as a sickness.

“We have to cure it. … We’ve turned our back on God, and we’re no longer following what the blessings would be under Deuteronomy 28. We’ve gone on to the curses, and I think that we’ve only seen a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the misery we’re going to face as a result of the fact that we’ve lost our way.”

Original Article: Texas sheriff: ‘We have a government promoting the movement of slaves…’

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  1. Beto is so stupid, he blames Abbott for the influx at the border, Democrats need to learn how to be accountable, and place the blame where it belongs, the horrific tragedy at the border falls completely on Joe Biden shoulders, and he does not care about the drugs and crime or the money it is costing the American people. If Beto , the idiot gets governor of Texas, he is going to defund the border patrol and Texas and the rest of the country will be invaded even worse than we are now. He is the dumbest piece of lying shit I’ve ever seen, well since Joe Biden, pray for Texas!!!!! Go Greg Abbott!!!!

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