Americans will remember Obama for illegally spying on them as exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013.

Unlike Obama who spied on Americans secretly, Biden is doing it quite openly. His new executive order on “Enhancing Safeguards” has raised concerns that it’ll be used to spy on Americans to profile them for their political views.

Issued on October 7 and announced by the White House the same day, the executive order is titled “Executive Order On Enhancing Safeguards For United States Signals Intelligence Activities.” The order was issued with the purpose of defining the bounds of government surveillance.

PBS wrote that Biden’s new executive order aims to allay the concerns of mainly European countries that the American intelligence agencies are illegally spying on them. Therefore, it assures safeguards against data collection abuses.

It also allows European Union citizens to seek redress against the U.S. government if they believed they were illegally spied on by the U.S. intelligence.

However, conservatives are skeptical that the language used in the executive order creates a backdoor for the federal government to spy on Americans under broad pretexts.

LifeSite News wrote that the order allows the government to spy on citizens by using vague language with generalized reasons like public health risks, political instability, and the threat of climate or ecological change.

These among several others are listed as “Legitimate Objectives” toward which the intelligence agencies can conduct their surveillance activities.

Given the Biden administration’s political hostility toward conservative philosophy and political activities, the executive order of October 7 comes as another red alert for patriotic Americans.

Biden’s recent labeling of MAGA supporters as extremists and a threat to the foundation of the country – comments that earned him nationwide backlash – cannot be seen apart from this attempt to allow state agencies to selectively spying on certain people out of political motives.

The selectivity in surveillance is apparent in the executive order in the section “Prohibited Objectives” that bans intelligence activities targeting an individual on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion.

Given the Democrats’ agenda of discriminating against conservative Christians, particularly white conservatives supporting President Trump, the order sounds like granting exemption from surveillance to people of select backgrounds – which would amount to encouraging them to engage in subversive acts without the fear of being checked by the state agencies.

8 thoughts on “Biden’s Executive Order to Allow Spying on Unsuspecting Americans”
  1. Dirty rotten,scoundrel. Being paranoid of the american people, shows u why he is letting the invasion happen at the borders. He is replacing u, with illegals, to take over your country, and let them vote, these dumbocrap commies back in.The dumbocraps want control of your life,in every respect, The want your money,your children,your minds,and your life. Wise up Americans,quit being sheep,led to the slaughter,dump them,and become free of subservancy of the corrupt dumbocrap party.

  2. “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Attributed to several of America’s founders
    What do the people FEAR today?

  3. It is 1929 in Germany! This is what happened to Germans back then and looked at what happened to that country and the rest of Europe! Do, we want to be the Nation who has decided to take that course? I’m sure there might be many others who feel that this is just fine. I don’t want that to be on Americans conscience, there are some Germans still alive that are ashamed to say that they are Germans. This President has no brains in his head. The other night at a football game, his wife was were “Booed” by the crowd! You would think that he would see he is on the wrong track for American!

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