First Lady Jill Biden was booed and barraged with chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” at a recent Philadelphia Eagles football game!

The First lady received a less than warm welcome at Lincoln Financial Field, the home of her beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Mrs. Biden — who grew up in Hammonton, New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia — was an honorary captain for the Eagles’ Sunday night matchup against their bitter NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

But when she attempted to help lead the crowd in a rendition of “Fly, Eagles, Fly,” those in the stands reportedly responded by booing mercilessly and chanting expletives about her husband.

FLOTUS was on hand to support the Cancer Moonshot initiative. She clearly knew the fight song and smiled as she sang ardently in front of nearly 70,000 raucous fans. NBC included a brief clip of her appearance on its national broadcast and then shared that clip on social media.

However, fans who were in the stand who saw the clips say the sound was edited, because none of the boos nor the chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” that could clearly be heard by those in attendance were heard during the clip.

NFL veteran Clay Harbor, who was drafted by the Eagles in 2010 and spent three seasons with the team, wrote, “Philly just BOO’d Jill Biden BAD.” He also included a laughing emoji to indicate he found the incident humorous.

Jill Biden’s husband, President Joe Biden, is also a lifelong Eagles fan. In May 2021, he described his fellow Eagles fans as “the most informed and most obnoxious fans in the world.”

Despite the apparent anti-Biden sentiment from the crowd on Sunday, the Eagles went on to beat the Cowboys, 26-17, and are now the only undefeated team in the league.

4 thoughts on “Jill Biden Booed and Greeted with Chants of “F*%k Joe Biden””
  1. People r rude crude and so disrespectful. Media has degraded our people. A lot is from last 7-8 years slamming trump. Robert Denero and his f- Donald Trump. Applauded by celebs,dems, media. A good slap across the face by mom was lacking up the road

  2. I have a real problem with this – bidumdum -YES! Trash that demented clown as much as possible, but leave the family out of it. The entire libtard party trashed ALL of the Trump family before, during and after his term in office – still doing it as a matter of fact. But that does not mean we conservatives have to resort to the same tactics. Just remember nurse jilly is a doctor of education and as a result MUST BE an expert is administering meds to the corpse occupying the white house!

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