Kamala went to Korea and made another PR disaster for America. During her visit to South Korea, Kamala took the podium and claimed that the United States has a great alliance with North Korea.

Kamala Harris, the clueless Vice President, went to Asia last week to attend the funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo. She then visited South Korea and gave a short speech at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that marks the border between the two Koreas. That is when her awkward self took charge and she stated:

“The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea. And it is an alliance that is strong and enduring.” 

Apparently, Kamala didn’t realize what she had just said to the South Korean audience, or she would have offered a correction. The gaffe was noted by media worldwide and even leftist sources could not help calling it a “diplomatic blunder.” 

And if that wasn’t embarrassment enough for the United States government, Kamala exhibited naïve and childish behavior at the DMZ while looking at the North Korean side with binoculars. The eternally confused Kamala was seen saying how close the North Korean side appears in the binoculars.

A soldier standing by her quickly explained that it was just 50 meters away and pointed at the North Korean side across the border to convey that she didn’t need binoculars to see the North Korean side.

Sky News host Rita Panahi mocked Kamala Harris for her mortifying escapades in South Korea in the segment Rita’s Weekly Reality Check.

Joe Biden is infamous for uttering nonsense in his speeches and making up stuff that has nothing to do with reality. Just hours before Kamala’s embarrassment on the podium in South Korea, Biden made the epic gaffe of wondering about deceased congressman Jackie Walorski attending his event.

But Biden has the senility/dementia excuse.

What exactly is the excuse for Kamala Harris? Former US diplomat Alberto Miguel Fernandez wants to know and so does America.

6 thoughts on “Kamala is Clueless! “US Is Strongly Allied with North Korea””
  1. This ignorant,babbling, cackling,buffoon, called our vp doesn’t even know who are allies are. Haven’t we been embarrassed enough, with these two clueless,delusional,arrogant,nincompoops,called the president and vp? Both are the laughing stock of America, and our allies,if we have any,after the last two debacles of this corrupt,incompetent ,administration. Lord help us.

  2. Everyone knows it was a mistake, but will she admit it??? She is incapable of admitting it. She will just laugh. Move along folks, nothing to see here. When B. Clinton was getting satisfied by Monica, Hillary was defending him. Oh well,that’s just Bill>> I guess we can just say, oh well, that is just Kamala. When Biden walks around the stage in confusion after reading from his note cards and his wife has to lead him off the stage, I guess we can say, oh,well that is just Joe.
    When will we get someone to be proud off??????

  3. They need to keep her on a shorter leash, she was never qualified to be Vice President, and anyone who voted for Biden are soooooo stupid they didn’t even think about that!! He chose her because of her race and because she’s a woman, not based on her qualifications, Joe Biden is a complete dumb ass.

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