Pope Francis has appointed a pro-abortion atheist, anti-capitalist socialist, and climate alarmist as a full member of the Pontifical Academy for Life – and if all of that is not bad enough, she is also a known associate of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

The appointment of Dr. Mariana Mazzucato violates Francis’ own 2016 statutes, which require members to “commit themselves to promoting and defending the principles regarding the value of life and the dignity of the human person,” in a way “consonant with the Church’s Magisterium.”

At one time referred to as “the world’s scariest economist,” Mazzucato, a professor of “economics of innovation and public value” at University College London, is “admired by Bill Gates” and “consulted by governments,” according to The Times, London.

According to a Vatican source, while the controversial economist was nominally appointed by the president of the academy, it was Pope Francis himself who hand-picked Mazzucato as one of 14 new ordinary members to be appointed to the academy – her being an atheist and pro-abortion notwithstanding.

“As an atheist, I never thought I would love a pope this much. What a star!” Mazzucato tweeted in 2016, in response to a story on Pope Francis suggesting that Donald Trump is not a Christian and a second story on the pontiff defending humanity’s “right to the environment.”

Pope John Paul II established the prestigious pro-life academy in 1994 to study “the principal problems of biomedicine and of law, relative to the promotion and defense of life, above all in the direct relation that they have with Christian morality and the directives of the Church’s Magisterium.”

Italian–American Mazzucato has gone on record championing legalized abortion and attacking the pro-life decision of the United States Supreme Court to overturn the notorious Roe v. Wade ruling that paved the way for the holocaust of over 65 million abortions since 1973.

As per new statutes issued by Pope Francis in 2016, membership can be revoked “in the event of a public and deliberate action or statement by a member clearly contrary to the [academy’s] principles” or “seriously offensive to the dignity and prestige of the Catholic Church or of the academy itself.”

This suggests that there may be a call to have Mazzucato’s appointment recalled, but as of now, no such effort is underway.

4 thoughts on “Pope Appoints Pro-Abortion Friend of AOC to Vatican Position!”
  1. I never thought that pope was a Christian anyway — just religious like the scribes and pharisees in the time of Christ on earth.

  2. What is WRONG with the Cathloics? This man (because he is not the representative of God Almighty) but is the man that Satan has put in as a Worlds Power! The follower’s of Cathloics Religion, should have this man kicked out! Of course they won’t because they think he is the messengers of God. With ALL he has done in the name of God, this should show around the world that he is Satan here on earth! Living and being very influence in the world today!

  3. This pope CANNOT be a GOD FEARING CATHOLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT is happening at the VATICAN???????????????????????? A COMMIE ATHEIST IS ALLOWED THIS????? POPE, YOU ARE A NON-CHRISTIAN WHO SEEMS TO SUPPORT THIS “WOKE” FAD crippling AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW “GOD IS WATCHING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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