Lincoln Project adviser Stuart Stevens appeared on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” to discuss the results of the midterm elections. Stevens said that the group is wanting to burn the “burn”
the Republican party to the ground and not just to oppose Trump.

In his discussion with fill-in host Ali Velshi, Stevens discussed whether he thought that the midterm results, where many Trump-endorsed candidates lost, would lead to the Republicans trying to “fix” themselves.

Stevens said in response to the question about the Republicans that many Republicans may try to fix the party by aligning with people like Liz Cheney, or Adam Kinzinger, but it is also possible that this might not occur as people might be hesitant to support “the underpinnings of democracy that we need in this country.”

Stevens also argued that his group is no longer focused on being solely anti-Trump and instead they have set it as their mission to bring the entire Republican party down.

He added that he believed that there was no way to save the Republican party, and instead they would need to rebuild it from scratch in order to be able to have a “sane, center-right party”. He added that this will be the only way for more normal candidates to take the forefront.

Finally, he concluded that there is nothing you can say to someone who would willingly try to overthrow the government and have others support him instead of convicting him. There was no way to defend these actions and saving democracy is the most important thing. This is why the Republican party will need to be rebuilt completely.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Group To Destroy Republican Party”
  1. How insane can a person get? Trump tried to prevent the actions taken by some on January 6 by offering to send the National Guard.. I believe that the whole thing was a set up to damage Trump and Trump supporters by the BLM, Antifa, the FBI, Pelosi, and the capital police. Remember, Pelosi turned down Trump’s offer to send national Guards to control the crowd. Why? I believe that she did this to allow the set up to happen! BLM and Antifa were in the building. Why were they not arrested? Ray Epp is on video helping the crowd into the building. Why wasn’t he arrested? Wray, head of the FBI, refused to answer the question “were some FBI agents dressed as Trump Supporters in the crowd.” Why haven’t the Trump Supporters who were arrested given their Constitutional right for a prompt trial? It is the Democrat Party which should be destroyed, not the Republican.

    1. Clearly you believe every lie that comes out of the Trump Lie Machine.

      The Trump musings on the National Guard were to protect his demonstration on the Mall, not to protect the Capitol.

      How many of the rioters at the Capitol have to admit that they were doing it for Trump before you admit they were doing it for Trump.

      Ray Epps has said under oath that he wasn’t doing it for the FBI.

      Go give your brain an enema.

  2. This is the reason we did badly in the midterms . We are not joined like the Democrats ( in public ) . This group is way off course and should themselves disintegrate and come back to support the Republicans. We may all not have the same views on issues but the core values is the same . Together we need to defeat the Democrats because if we don’t the USA is finished as we know it

  3. Democrats are the decay in our country!!! They are dead set on bringing our nation to it’s knees!! Easy to see the corruption
    and the players involved, although some are hidden from view. We are being challenged like never before and if we don’t
    meet the challenge and allow these demo’s to continue on a course of destruction we will be destroyed in the end. Just
    take a look at all the election issues for just one. The front man is the fall guy. Who is behind the curtain is no mystery
    anymore……having a third term with all the old support staff. Does anyone think that this old cougher can come up with all
    this crazy stuff on his own? Come on man!!! Just wait until the tide turns and things start coming out of the closet……..
    A reckoning awaits…..can’t be soon enough….Our rights and freedoms are on the line…….the new money program if allowed
    to go forward will be a disaster….ultimate control of all of us…rather clever of the demo’s right? Will be at their mercy
    24/7 You get it they can take away if you don’t obey……think about it…that’s just one item of many coming if its not stopped?

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