President Biden, on Saturday, said that those with signs that referred to him as socialists were “idiots”. He also warned against voting for Republicans who would look to cut healthcare benefits.

During an event at Jones Elementary in Joliet, III., Biden said that social security and Medicare are not just government programs, but rather an attempt to make life easier for Americans. He also said that Generations of Americans have counted on these programs. He also noted the signs calling him a socialist which people were holding when he was coming in. “Give me a break, what idiots,” the president said about the protestors outside who were holding an array of signs that had comments like, “Let’s go, Brandon,” “where’s Nancy,” and “socialism sucks.”

The president warned that if the congressional Republicans plan passed then millions of Americans would be left without any health care coverage. Some Republicans have also said they would challenge part of the Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed by the Democrats earlier this year.

Biden said that the $2,000 cap on prescription drugs and the $35 a month cap on insulin would both be gone if the Republicans are successful. Biden also noted that for the next two years he would veto any attempt for these to be revoked.

He added that congressional Republicans would be after “your Social Security and Medicare benefits.” He also spoke about the proposal released by Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) in February where he proposed that government programs should sunset every five years. This would mean that programs like Medicare would need to be voted on every five years.

4 thoughts on “Biden Calls Who A Bunch Of Idiots?”
  1. JOE BIDEN ! LIAR ! , Mush head ! ,
    Cried over a fake news story about whipping undocumented aliens.
    Remains oblivious to the actual 150 plus daily deaths from Fentanyl inside the USA.

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