Fox News host Tucker Carlson has called for electronic voting machines to stop being in use only hours after the first polls in the midterm elections closed. Carlson reportedly argued that they can’t claim to seriously care about democracy if people can vote on electronic machines without providing any sort of photo ID.

He added that this will only increase the levels of distrust from both sides as people will be more likely to question whether the results of the election are real. This is why Carlson recommends that there should be a bipartisan agreement to end the use of electronic voting machines, and for ID to become a requirement for voting.

Carlson during his appearance also spoke about Maricopa County, Arizona where reportedly there have been issues with electronic voting machines. According to election officials on the ground, the ballots are not being processed as they should electronically.

Carlson has maintained that incidents like this undermine the confidence the general public has in the effectiveness of the current election system.

According to reports by the Arizona Republic, around 30% of electronic machines were not allowing people to vote.

Dominion Voting Systems, a large voting systems provider, is suing Fox News for defamation after they aired the false claims made by Trump allies regarding the software used for the 2020 election.

5 thoughts on “Fox’s Tucker Carlson Calls For End To What?”
  1. I agree with Tucker! For most of my life, we either voted in a booth in our precinct or if old / sick or traveling we voted Absentee. We never in my memory had the problems we have been having since the age of electronic voting and counting. Lets get back to HONEST voting and counting!

  2. The machines that continue to have problems and errors should
    never be used. Everyone has or knows someone that has had their
    computer hacked, so why are they being used. We are asking for
    problems and people will distrust the system. I do not trust them,
    never will.

      1. Tucker is Correct ! Dominion has rigged elections before at the behest of the CIA !
        Dominion is dirty and created to make it easy to rig elections.

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