Many are wondering whether Tuesday’s midterm elections are going to affect the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. However, the committee was set to end regardless of which of the two parties won the House, but if the Republicans win then there will not be a chance of them reviving the committee.

All select committees established with this Congress are going to sunset in January with the start of the next Congress. The investigative committee is no different.

Republican leaders, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), have not given any indication about keeping the committee active. McCarthy has previously said the panel was extremely political and was the “least legitimate committee in American history.” In a June address, he also mentioned that its weaponized congressional subpoenas to attack Republicans and even interfere with the rights of political speech of private individuals.

The panel’s members have also acknowledged that with the end of Congress their committee would be going away. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said that because of the committee ending they needed to make sure to take all of the necessary actions this year.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) blasted Republicans last week for their opposition to an independent committee that would have been able to investigate the matters further without being so severely limited by the Congress’ scheduling. Cheney specifically noted that this idea was stopped by both “Kevin McCarthy and then Mitch McConnell in the Senate.”

If Democrats win the Congress, then they could potentially revive the panel and give them more time to gather evidence and form their findings.

3 thoughts on “Jan 6 Panel Gets Dismissed?”
  1. Yes this whole J6 circus has been nothing but a waste of time and taxpayers money!
    So much more evil and crimes against America by this administration and Hillary, Pelosi, Soros,
    etc…..all ignored, swept under the rug, if not totally destroyed! The injustice of double standards
    by this corrupt Biden administration has to stop NOW!!

  2. The biggest problem with this, is that there is no more “evidence” to “find”!!! They have made up what they do have, have lied about almost everything, and have used undue force to get more lies, and will never give out the information that the democrats, and especially Nancy Pelosi, was behind the whole damned thing!!!

    If she had done what Trump suggested the day before, NONE of it would have happened to begin with! She KNEW what was in the works, and set it up to happen!!

    Trump asked them if they wanted to get the National Guard to help bolster the DC police and the Capitol police, but she said NO!!

    She had people salted in the protest to antagonize them into breaking into the Capitol!!!!! That should most certainly be added to the record, and she should have been arrested immediately!!!

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