On Wednesday Senate Republicans voted on their choices for the GOP leaders. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) managed to defeat National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott (R-Fla.), who had previously wanted to replace McConnell.

The majority of GOP senators chose to elect McConnell leader, despite a motion backed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other conservatives who wanted the leadership election to be delayed until the runoff election in Georgia had taken place.

McConnell won the vote with 37 votes, while Scott received 10 votes. Only one senator voted present.

McConnell said that the party discussed what happened on the occasion and they have now formed a fairly good idea of what should happen in the next election. He also noted that he was “grateful” for continuing to serve.

Scott’s last-minute challenge to McConnell was in many ways the greatest challenge that McConnell has faced since he became the Senate minority leader in 2017.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Barrasso (Wyo.) nominated McConnell to be the GOP leader for another two years. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), was the one to nominate Scott.

McConnell comfortably won the leadership election. This means that he would continue to have the support of the GOP who previously helped him raise more than $300 million that was to be used to help Republicans win back the Senate.

Two external groups affiliated with McConnell, the Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation, also spent around $363 million funding different Senate races.

8 thoughts on “McConnell Takes Control Once Again”
    1. What’s wrong with us. McConnell again. Isn’t this a form of self flagellation ?
      He and his Chinese wife, Elaine Chow own shipping co. in China. You can’t serve two masters.

  1. We are totally screwed now!!!! Keep doing the same thing expecting different results??
    We had a chance and blew it….back to the same B/S over and over again!!!!! But what to expect
    from narrow minds??? The septic tank is full………Washington is so screwed up!!!!!!!
    To hell with it……….

  2. Very disappointed in that McConnell decision. At least the Dems are always stirring the pot. It’s very hard to be a Republican when nothing changes not even the the BS.
    Corporations fire non performers but not the inexperienced no production politicians. They make nothing and therefore do nothing to make America. Better. Most Americans need to wake up and put some time in when election come around. Then legally hold them accountable for their non performance at the end of their term(s).

  3. Here we go again, caving to demoncrap demands. The GOP is either stupid for keeping Mitch or they are in on the game to destroy us.

  4. There are too many career politicians in both parties to change things for the better. The oldsters will eventually go to their long sleep, but will it be too late to save our citizens? Hoped that Mitch would be replaced this time though. Just cause he can raise more funds than others doesnt mean he doesnt make wrong decisions, because he does!

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