Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Sunday that if former President Trump does indeed place another presidential bid for 2024, then that would be “bad news for the country.” She also added that Trump has so far “not been a force for good.”

During a discussion with ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos, when asked about whether Trump would be “good news” for Democrats Pelosi said that she would prefer not to discuss his potential plans. She also added that Trump was not good news for the country. This is because he has previously undermined the election results and has not kept to his oath. She also added that he has allowed people who don’t value democracy to run for office.

Pelosi continued to say that the Republican party holds many different opinions that they don’t support. For example, they refuse to support science and completely disregard the climate discussion. They also don’t have similar ideals regarding healthcare. So, the two parties do have some big differences between them.

During the discussion, Pelosi added that she would be supporting President Biden if he chose to seek reelection. She added that he had been a “great president” who had accomplished and contributed a lot to the country. As she noted, Biden has added more than 10 million jobs during his time in Office.

Trump has repetitively hinted that he would be seeking another term. Last week he also mentioned that he would be making a special announcement on November 15th. Many are expecting this to be the day he will announce his 2024 campaign.

15 thoughts on “Pelosi Sabotages Trump’s 2024 Run”
  1. This old lady is a windbag. Trump’s decision to run is not up to her or anyone else. If you have enough money and/or enough fools wanting to spend their money on your bid, you can throw your hat into the ring. Look at all the career politicians who have run over the last several years. Look at old Mitt. He spent over $ 250,000,000 of his own money to run in 2020. He lost but is now a senator so I guess he got something out of it. . I voted for Trump twice but I will not vote for him this time, if he is the designated candidate (which I do not think will happen). Too much ego and too ready to destroy anyone who does not agree 100% with his self-godliness. God created the universe for mankind but, he has destroyed numerous groups of people who didn’t agree with his view on how the world was to be run. Love him but also fear him. Trump is in that category but, he does not have a plan for the human race and the universe as God does. I think I will vote for DeSantis this time if he wins the presidential candidate for the Republicans.

    1. Nasty Nancy has been hitting the sauce again. Everything she said about Trump is what the Corrupt Democrats are doing. She needs to go back home and lock herself in the wine seller so she doesn’t have to go far when she finishes up a bottle. There needs to be a law if you are a lawmaker you can not hit the sauce. This has pickled her brain what’s left of it. Joe Biden and her are selling us out to the communist party of China. He has been in office for many years and this tearing our great nation down is the only thing he has been in on. It wasn’t Trump it was the Corrupt Democratic Party that is causing our problems. Every one of them is Biden and his party. Trump 2024! The only one that can save us from the evils of Pelosi and her friends.

  2. Pigalosi and her Brain Dead Band of LIBRATURD MORONS are Bad for the Country. Look at the shape of this country now it is turning into a Third world Shit Hole with all these WETBACKS coming to the Country. POS BIDEN could run a kool-aid stand on a corner He would F””K that up.

  3. Ignorance seems to be the driving force that is propelling the Democratic party. I have never seen such a large number of brain dead people in such a confined space. “We the People” remember well the great feeling of prosperity during President Trump’s time in the White House.

    1. Ignorance seems to be the driving force ? . Never seen such a large number of brain dead people in such a confined space? Try a Trump rally.

      1. Have you ever read a REAL scientific work on climate change, or do you just listen to an autistic kid who’s been manipulated and sent out bankrupt a continent, which she succeeded in doing? You probably can’t read very well, so I won’t suggest anything else for you. I know a lot of Ph.Ds., I’m one myself, and we all do REAL science, and we ALL support Trump.

  4. All of the comments lay the facts out pretty good ! Pelosi attacks Trump every way possible in a very unprofessional manner. Trump brought our country to the healthiest point in recent times and then the corrupted tools such as the Dominion voting machines that distorted the facts at the end of the election. I certainly hope those machines are used properly in the future and that mail in ballots are properly counted!!! In my 70 years the last election was the worst scandal in history!!!! Pelosi and the gang somehow created a system of mail in ballots that were manipulated to defeat President Trump. Mail in ballots should be audited by experts that can certify the facts!!!! The results of that election and the impact on our country are very evident from the last few years have established poor governance for our country.

    America can heal if we insure the election process this time and have non-political processes to truly verify the votes!!!

  5. Yea, Biden says he has created 10 million jobs! Who for, maybe the illegals coming in to pick fruit, kill people, fill our schools with children who can’t speak English, have babies in the USA @ US taxpayer’s expense and try to blend into our society for the taxpayers to support, cloth & house. We have so many homeless people on our streets as it is. Biden & Pelosi & the rest of the democrats need to put the illegals in their own backyards & feed them or send them back home where they belong!

  6. Nancy do tell us all about truth, justice and doing what is good for the people. You are an advocate of such things. Only in your own and duped followers’ mind. This Buds for you as a toast of good riddance. Thanks for all the chaos and egocentric memories.

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