Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blasted the Justice Department for appointing a special counsel to oversee the investigations into former President Trump. He added the decision “saddens” him as it is the DOJ’s job to be an “apolitical justice”.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former Justice Department official Jack Smith to act as special counsel overseeing the criminal investigation into the presidential records found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Smith is also going to be overseeing the investigation into the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Pompeo told Fox News Digital that these investigations have taken an incredibly long time, and to now see a special counsel appointed after all this time does not make sense.

Following an unprecedented search warrant issued by the Justice Department, the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Aug. 8. Trump and his legal team have maintained that all of the documents found in Trump’s home had been declassified. The Justice Department on the other hand has maintained that Trump unlawfully kept in his possession national defense information in his home.

Pompeo also added that he is generally not a fan of special counsels. He added that if there is to be any prosecution, then it should be the Justice Department that has all of the responsibility. This decision to bring an independent party in is inconsistent with the country’s understanding of executive powers.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Admit DOJ Went Too Far”
    1. I agree and isn’t it awesome. This man is as tough as nails and God bless him. I hope he gets his revenge. Cause the Democratic party is the worse criminal organization in American history and their desire to kill as many Humans as can for the great reset is sick. they need to pay. Dearly need to be removed and never allowed to serve Americans again.

      1. I expect God is more selective than to bless somebody like Trump, not that it would take much to be more selective.
        American endured four years to Trump’s revenge–now it’s time for American’s revenge against Trump.

  1. If Trump is prosecuted it will be by DOJ, since Smith reports to Garland.
    Trump’s DOJ was apolitical? Like the Durham ‘investigation?’

  2. It’s a total disgrace what these sneaky Demo’s have been doing since he first came down the escalator announcing his
    run. The Demos were totally scared with the thought of a outsider coming in to disrupt their game plan. They have come
    after him with all they could come up with or make up to destroy anyone to challenge them in their plans to bring us down.
    It’s been like Custer at Little Big Horn for him. He is not perfect but wanted to make America Great. Compare that to the
    train wreck we have now!!!! We are in a mess like never before!!! Leading the demise seems to be not just the front man
    but behind the scenes ( Obama, Rice, Jarrett, and a few others in their 3rd term of destruction wanting one more to finish)
    Hard to take…….very sad….

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