Following the rather disappointing news regarding the midterm election results, where it became obvious that there was no “red wave” many GOP aides and strategists are trying to shift the blame for the party’s failure to secure easy wins. Most have begun blaming former President Trump for failing to bring in the necessary votes for both a House and Senate majority to be achieved.

As of Wednesday evening, the battle for control of the two chambers was incredibly close. Still, the Republicans appear to have a leg up in terms of winning the House. Still, the Democrats are very likely to win the Senate majority. This might be decided on Dec. 6 after the runoff election in Georgia.

While many are saying Trump was at fault for failing to bring in the required votes, others have said that it was the result of having candidates that lacked the necessary experience. This led to avoidable mistakes during the midterm elections that may have cost the GOP their “red wave”. Another potential cause of the blame has been considered to be the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is under Sen.

Rick Scott (Fla.). Many are calling for an audit to determine how the money raised was spent during the election.

In regards to the results of all of this blame, some are questioning the extent to which Trump would be a viable candidate in 2024 after he fails to secure the necessary votes now. Scott Jennings, a Republican strategist, tweeted asking whether the current election results showed clearly that Trump’s chances of winning a Presidential election were slim.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Play Blame Game Over Midterms”
  1. Rather disappointing news? Try very disappointing.
    Trump not only failed to bring in the required votes–especially in swing states he actively repelled voters.

  2. You have got to be kidding. You can’t see, what the hell are you blind, THE ONLY THING THAT VOTED DEMOCRAP WAS THE VOTEING MACHINES WAKE UP OR SHUT UP

  3. When is somebody going to come out and say what we all know they cheated and stole the midterms. All this blame talk is BS. IT WAS STOLEN PERIOD Mail in ballots and extended counting. The real question is when are these criminals going to jail?

    1. If elections are fair, then you got to blame stupid people. The ones who love crime, high prices and live in another reality.

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