President of Parents Defending Education Nicole Neily joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the tweet posted by the National Education Association. The tweet caused outrage among those who are pushing for parental rights in the classroom.

National Education Association (NEA), a national teachers union, posted a tweet in which they said that teachers “know better than anyone” what students need within the classroom.

President of Parents Defending Education Nicole Neily, however, does not agree with this claim which she called “astonishing”. Neily said that while they knew how to support Democratic candidates and “undermine American education” they did not know “how to let children learn and thrive.”

The NEA posted a controversial tweet over the weekend saying that educators loved their students and were in the best position to determine what students needed in order to learn.

The union had to turn off replies to this tweet after thousands of people started responding to it. Many parents across the country are currently pushing for more influence in what is being taught. Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was one of those who responded saying, “You misspelled parents.”

The NEA responded back to her saying that “Together, families and educators are an essential team” and they can help students access all of the necessary resources and opportunities. They also added that “out-of-touch billionaires” were certainly not who was best for students.

Neily pointed out that the organization was trying to gaslight people into forgetting about learning loss during the lockdowns. She added how it is clear from NAEP scores that proficiency is not great in America, and it hadn’t been great since before COVID-19 despite the increase in government spending.

2 thoughts on “Teachers Union Alienates Parents”
  1. Is it possible that there is so much liberal garbage coming out of Teachers Colleges and Universities teaching students do not have time or effort to learn to teach a public school curriculum. They have failed miserably at teaching our children reading writing and arithmetic. American students scores are way down on the International scoreboards. Almost everyday I read an account of a girl or boy who has been groomed by a teacher, doctor , or school nurse and a parent who has foolishly gone along with consent. Either half way through the treatments or when all the damage has been done, regrets the damage but has reached a point of no return physically. Accounts won’t usually be in local papers but the Epoch Times carries reports of the damage.

  2. Having trans strippers in the classroom seems to be okay with the NEA. The NEA is full of perverts that have taken over the education system.

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