Former President Donald Trump has signaled that he would release his decision on whether he would place a bid for the White House in 2024 shortly after the midterm elections.

During a campaign rally in Iowa on Thursday Trump teased that it is “very, very, very” probable that he will run again. He also encouraged the people to get ready because he would be releasing his plans very soon.

According to an Axios report, Trump and his team are possibly planning on releasing his 2024 bid on Nov. 14. This would be followed by a number of events.

Kellyanne Conway, who was Trump’s campaign manager in 2016 and a top adviser during his presidency told reporters that she would expect that the former President would announce his bid soon. Conway also said that she is happy to have seen that Trump did not announce his bid this year, but rather gave midterm candidates the support they needed.

Conway also added that there is quite a lot happening for Trump right now, with Election Day and also his daughter, Tiffany Trump getting married at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Nov. 12. She also said that it is likely that Trump will wait until these events end before announcing a bid for the White House.

Conway also noted that it was likely that he would wait to see the Republicans win during the midterm elections and then sweep in to claim the success on his endorsements.

Conway also said that there were people in Trump’s circle who had told him to announce his bid before the midterms, but she added that others, including herself, have encouraged him not to do that as it could jeopardize the chances of the GOP seizing both chambers of Congress.

The former President has teased another presidential bid since he left the White House in January 2021. He also has maintained a strong hold on the GOP and many of his endorsed candidates won the primaries in their states.

Still, in recent months many Republicans appear to be moving away from supporting Trump and towards supporting other candidates.

5 thoughts on “Trump Announces 2024 Run?”
  1. I’m one of those Republicans who does not support Trump. I believe strongly that he has fractured the party and done way more harm than good. His ego and other personality traits are just too much for me and his criticism of Ron DeSantis is inexcusable anytime, but especially before the midterms. Promoting the Democrat in Colorado because DeSantis promoted the Republican candidate O’Dea, is childish beyond words. Since many candidates he supported at midterms lost, I am probably far from the only one who feels this way. I would assume he made bad choices and the candidates didn’t get the support from Republicans Trump had hoped for.

  2. Ego seems to be Trump’s biggest villian. I will vote for him no matter what if he is the Republican candidate. However, many of my friends and family believe that his “full of himself attitude” is his downfall and would be less likely to vote for him unless the other candidate is totally useless, Biden is NOT an option.
    I would prefer to see someone else qualified for the Republican ticket such as De Santis to be the forerunner and allow him to place President Trump within his cabinet. This then settles everyone’s feelings for Trump.
    I also believe that if Trump is the one to lead our country, he will be a great if not greater than his first run. Shame on the Dems for putting him through all the BS. Not only did he run the country effectively and strongly, he had to protect himself against all the lies and deep allegations that no other president was exposed too. As an American, I am ashamed and disheartened about that.
    Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer and let’s not forget Dr. Fauci, along with Joe Biden and his entire family, should all be indicted and brought to justice. I now do not trust the FBI, and many parts of our government, sad to say.

  3. You can blame this weak red wave on trump but the timing of the supreme court’s decision on roe vs wade.thats the issue that brought out the dem voters.they should have waited til after the midterms.lookz like desantis is the man ,trump is history.

  4. If Mr.Trump tries to run again I don’t know that it will work for him as I have heard on local news that only 57% of peoples in Michigan voted….well now we have those rewards to look forward to.
    Mr. Trump needs to do observation on the way that Puppeteers handle the puppets
    For we all know the 2 who runs the show.. don’t we. Well for various reasons I think Mr DeSantis would be a great pic…I be thinking on.

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