Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has mocked her Republican opponent Kelly Tshibaka as she has managed to take the lead in the state’s Senate race. Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system has meant that voters are able to be ranked from first place to last regardless of their political party. This means that candidates are able to win the first-place without any additional rounds being needed.

Since election day Tshibaka has had a narrow lead over Murkowski, but that changed recently as Murkowski pointed out in a tweet posted on Friday. The tweet included a GIF from the film “The Usual Suspect” which featured one of the most famous lines from the movie stating “and just like that…”. The GIF continued with an overlay that reads “Kelly’s claim that she only lost because of Ranked Choice was gone.”

Murkowski is currently leading with a 0.4-point difference, with 98 percent of the votes being accounted for as of Friday night.

The ranked-choice system means that candidates with fewer first-place votes are eliminated when no one has won the majority in the first round. These votes are then redistributed based on the voter’s second preference.

Republican Buzz Kelley has received less than 3 percent of the vote, so he will be eliminated first. If there is still no winner then Democrat Pat Chesbro, who won about 10 percent of the vote, is going to be the one eliminated next.

Therefore, the candidate who received more of Chesbro’s votes will likely win the race. According to analysts that is most likely going to be Murkoski due to her more moderate views. She is also less supportive of former President Trump.

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  1. How in the world did they come up with this voting system?
    There must be a way to always cheat or they would have changed
    it to a more secure system. AND cheaters alwys win.

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