On Tuesday, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign for 2024. He is once again seeking to become the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. While speaking to supporters in his Mar-a-Lago resort Trump claimed that “our country is being destroyed before your very eyes.” He blamed this destruction on President Biden who he called the “face of left-wing failure and government corruption.”

Despite all this though, Trump’s announcement was not well received on the influential r/Conservative Reddit group. The group has more than one million members, and some of the top posts include criticisms of the former President.

One commentator, whose user account is neutralpoliticsbot, has received 1,000 upvotes for saying that Donald Trump would be the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party.

Another conservative Reddit user said that this feels like the former president is “holding us all at gunpoint.”

While a user by the name Xixi90 pointed out that there are two directions this can go. The first one would be that Trump wins the primary, essentially destroys the GOP and then proceeds to lose the General election. The second would be that Trump loses in the primary and then either withdraws or chooses to run with a 3rd party, essentially handing the Democrats a victory in 2024.

A user, Apocafeller, also noted that this would likely completely divide the GOP and even the country.
However, a few Reddit posters also expressed some hope for Trump maintaining that “conservative populism” could still be a winner in the election, even if Trump himself is not.

3 thoughts on “Trump Holding GOP Hostage?”
  1. I believe that Mr Trump knows where all the trouble is coming from.
    On his second term he’s more equipped to negate their effects.
    More so than a new president would be.

  2. To the author of this hit piece, Freedom, is blind to the fact that Mr. Trump has a tremendous following of the common people who will re-elect him if he runs. No, Mt. Trump does not hold the GOP hostage. If the GOP does not follow the base then the GOP is doomed to extinction. But I say that the GOP party is the back stabbing party in Congress today. In Mr. Trump’s 1st 2 years in office the Ass Party (aptly named as such by the mascot of that party, an ASS) slapped him around (figuratively speaking) while the Repubic party, the GOP stabbed him in the back. Reminds me of the idles of March, “Et Tu Brute”.

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