Former President Trump during an interview with Fox News Digital, following his rally in Dayton, Ohio, called the chances of President Biden running for reelection “inconceivable. The White House has repeatedly claimed that Biden intends to seek reelection in 2024.

These comments come only a month after the White House confirmed Biden’s intention of running for reelection. Reportedly Biden has also told his allies of his intentions. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also confirmed in early October that the President has every intention of running again.

Still, the midterms are likely going to affect Biden’s plans for reelection, especially as the Democrats are currently expected to lose both the House and the Senate. Depending on the results Biden’s position might change, as will his odds of being reelected.

At the same time, during the rally in Ohio, Trump said that he would make a “very big announcement” around Nov. 15. Many are speculating that this will be the highly anticipated announcement that the former President will make another bid for the White House. While Trump has teased another election campaign for the past few months, he has not yet made any formal announcement regarding his intentions, nor has he launched a campaign for 2024.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Message To Biden Regarding 2024”
  1. Forget trying to blame someone else for the midterm results. The killer was the GOP pushing reversing Roe v. Wade. Anyone with common sense would have known that was tantamount to giving the election to the Democrats. How stupid do our politicians have to be not to know that pushing a hot potato like abortion rights was an instant election killer? Apparently the dumbing of America isn’t limited to the man on the street.

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