The story of the attack on Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, inside his house has big holes in it and the left is struggling to hide the truth. One useful means for the Biden administration to tuck this affair under the rug is deporting the accused to Canada.

Since the day the story of a Canadian citizen entering Nancy Pelosi’s house and attacking her husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer made news, missing information, unanswered questions, a shifting story, and things not adding up have clouded the truth about the incident.

Things got seriously suspicious when NBC published a bombshell report, citing sources close to the investigation, stating that Paul Pelosi calmly opened the door for cops while in his underpants and did not tell them he was in any danger.

On the contrary, he stepped back into the house instead of going out in police protection – that is away from the attacker who was still in the house in his underpants.

The report was pulled later that day as NBC declared the “main source for the information was unreliable.” And if this wasn’t odd enough, the U.S. Capitol Police stated that its officers were not watching the video feed from Pelosi’s house at the time the attack happened.

This “not watching” narrative reminds me of the suspicious negligence of prison guards on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died allegedly by suicide in his cell before he could go on trial. Why the attacker, David Wayne DePape, waited till the police arrived, and then attacked Pelosi with a hammer?

How did he let Pelosi open the door for the cops and not run away? Why did the police not shoot DePape before he used the hammer on Pelosi in front of them? These and many other questions remain unanswered to confuse people. 

The accused in Paul Pelosi’s attack, David Wayne DePape, has pleaded not guilty and the leftist administration is not releasing the footage from the security cameras monitoring Pelosi’s house.

At his court appearance, media was reportedly not allowed inside the court and there seems to be no information about DePape’s exact location with reports of him being in a San Francisco jail without bail, awaiting trial. Amidst its quest for secrecy, the government has left one door open for an effective cover-up of the affair – deportation.

Media sources have verified that David Wayne DePape has been in the United States illegally for 14 years when he moved from Canada to California for a temporary stay in the U.S. of up to six months. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), DePape has been in the U.S since March 2008.

On Thursday, ICE said he can be deported back to Canada. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has asked San Francisco law enforcement to notify ICE before releasing DePape so that he could be taken into federal custody for deportation.

The news of ICE’s willingness to deport DePape conveys the impatience of the left to cover up the suspicious incident of DePape’s presence inside Pelosi’s house instead of holding a regular trial that could possibly reveal the untold story to the public as told by DePape’s side.

It seems likely that if they could not silence DePape while convicting him of local charges, they would get him deported to Canada via federal agents and some immigration court.

6 thoughts on “US Government May Deport Pelosi Attacker to Hide Facts”
  1. Unless they are willing to tattoo DePap’es name on his forehead he will be back into the United States in a heartbeat. The Canadian border is like Swiss Cheese, there are lots of holes in it. I just hope they don’t send him to Ricker’s Island.

    1. Somehow, this “Midnight Cowboy” will follow the Clinton associates model of ending in obscurity. As far as the “Media” is concerned; Depape’s presence will be lost in the woods as fodder for the Canadian wildlife, narrative ends.

  2. What has holes in it is your attempt to ignore the obvious. If Pelosi wasn’t in danger why did he call 911 and why did the guy try to kill him with the hammer?

    1. Then why did he open the door for police and walk back into danger. Why was it said the perpetrator was in his underwear and recanted. Have we seen a picture of the hammer? Why did he say friend in the 911 call? Why did the try to spin it as an attack by republicans? There are so many holes. Your attempt to ignore that maybe the story isn’t as it seems is stunning. Only a democrat would except and defend good boy.

  3. Some incidents defy logic when presented. This Pelosi incident is one of those. Too many news outlets all trying to get the story out first caused so many errors, repeats, and outright impossibilities that the presentation became more of a story than the actual happening. Who, what, why, where, when and how became a comedy of factual errors. First Paul answered the door, then a third party opened the door.Paul knew the man, he didn’t know the man? Paul called 911 from the bathroom. He called from downstairs. There was one hammer, there were two hammers? Paul was laying in a pool of blood; Paul let the officers in. and returned to the man with the hammer who then hit Paul on the head. . There is no mention of how or when Paul got to the hospital.Was an ambulance called? Did he go in a police car? If you were able to recall all of the news outlets for releases for this incident the inaccuracies would be legion and no one would be able to discern the truth from error. Lets just hope they don’t send this poor guy to Ricker’s Island. I understand there is an empty cell there with Jeffery Epstein’s name on the door.

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