Under a new bill, Presidents might be required to certify annually that their practices comply with federal laws. If they fail to do so they might face a $50,000 fine. This new bill was proposed as a response to the information about former President Trump’s potential mishandling of classified documents in his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The legislation from House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) would give more base to the Presidential Records Act, which controls the storage and maintenance of records post a President’s term time. Before this legislation, Maloney had also asked that the National Archives should try to get Trump to certify that all of the documents that had previously been stored in Mar-a-Lago had been returned. This was following the FBI raid in August which retrieved over 10,000 government documents of varying classification markings.

Maloney in a statement that was sent along with the bill, has claimed that Former President Trump’s actions had been a threat to national security. He also added that the laws they have should be able to do more to prevent other such mishandling of documents. The Presidential Records Certification Act would be a step that would allow for more accountability for former Presidents.

Trump is facing several legal battles, as he has repeatedly tried to block the Department of Justice from gaining access to the documents retrieved as part of their examination. So far, a special master has been appointed who is to be responsible for reviewing some of the records.

4 thoughts on “Washington Changes Laws Because Of Trump?”
  1. Obama has millions but not a peep!!! Wonder why??? Clinton not a peep !!! Wonder why??? Oh they are Demo’s
    laws do not apply to them!!!! Very easy to see what’s going on!!!! Politics are in the toilet !!!!!! Demo’s the Teflon
    bunch…all of them….one of these days someone will come along and make this right…..it’s just so corrupt now….

  2. President Trump had his documents storage in a ‘safe’ location with Secret Service members guarding but Clinton and Obama had their documents stored at a closed car dealership and furniture store, respectively. Obviously, the guarded documents are much more of a threat leaking than the others. Only in a Dumocrat’s mind.

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