According to a new poll conducted on behalf of the Bipartisan Policy Center by Morning Consult, President Biden’s approval ratings were currently at 44 percent. This is consistent with the recent polling results of other polling centers.

Those who said they disapproved of the job that Biden was doing in that same poll were at 53 percent. While Biden’s approval ratings are still not the highest, the respondents to the poll had widely admitted that they had voted for Biden in 2020. In fact, 47 percent of respondents had voted for him while only 43 percent had voted for former President Donald Trump. Around 8 percent of those surveyed had not voted in the previous presidential elections while 2 percent had chosen to vote for other candidates.

The poll shows a clear shift as Biden’s numbers are increasing. A Morning Consult-Politico survey in October had placed Biden’s approval ratings at 43 percent. Earlier this month a CNN poll had found 46 percent approved of Biden’s job, while a similar poll in October had shown that only 41 percent approved of Biden’s job performance.

These results widely show that there has been an increase since the midterm elections where the Democrats managed to hold the Senate and only lose the House by a few seats.

5 thoughts on “Americans Shocked By Biden’s Approval Rating”
  1. I my book his approval rating should be 0. He has done nothing but tear this Country apart, and flood it with illegals, drugs, he in no way concerned about the citizens of this country.

  2. Give us a break here!!! There is no way that can hold water!!! This guy is a train wreck. He has done more harm to theis country than anyone
    in recent memory. Totally out of control. This has to be fake news. Colleen is correct in her comment above!!!! We are on a sinking ship.
    He and his admin want to intrude and control our lives in every way they can get a way with!!!! These polls can not be even close they are
    putting out there expecting logical people to believe??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Tell us another one……he has put is on the Titanic!!!!!! We are being destroyed from within….easy to see…he is deaf dumb and blind if
    anything about whats good for this country…it’s not what he is dishing out……..this ought to be fairly accurate looking at the whole picture….

  3. Anyone that would believe a poll, politician, or news media of any sorts would b a fool. Starting with traitorous potus, doj, Liz McConnell needs to join chuck chenny as running mates for potus ‘24.

  4. I don’t believe any of the polls. Anyone that can think BIden would beat legally Trump is mentally challenged. Any thing the article about the Washington Police woman Caroline Edwards that claims it physically hurts to even think of the Jan 6 incident should be grateful that she can at least hurt physically. Ashley Babbit that was killed by a Washington Policeman cannot do anything. She is in her grave.

    1. Even Democrats I know can’t stand Biden. The j6 blame should be placed on Pelosi and Bowser. Trump ordered up the nation guard. The FBI was at fault. Why isn’t Ray Epps in jail. Roll out the rest of the videos…

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