The Biden administration on Monday released a government-wide plan called All in which will focus on reducing homelessness across the country by 25 percent by 2025. The plan is mainly going to work towards finding people housing and helping them with gathering the necessary resources so as to remain housed.

The program used the input of more than 500 people in its design. All of them have either previously experienced homelessness or are advocates, community leaders, and developers. There were also listening sessions hosted by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) used.

As President Biden noted in a statement, the plan is not focused on getting people into housing, but also on ensuring that they will have the resources and services necessary to succeed. It is a plan based on evidence on how to help better equity and collaboration across all levels.

The All In strategy is in part based on the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce homelessness between 2010 and 2016. However, the White House has noted there has been a slight increase in homelessness in recent years.

As part of their previous efforts to alleviate the homelessness Crisis, the Biden administration had an eviction moratorium during the pandemic.

6 thoughts on “Biden’s Plan To End Homelessness”
  1. There are thousands of them out there and most are addicts. They aren’t all educated and most do not have skills. It’would take years to just handle the problems we already have. And for a ‘free ride’ the amount will double. Does this man actually think we are all fools ! Inflation, energy prices, higher taxes, high crime rates. We are spending billions of dollars and we cant even educate our kids up to standards. The teachers have all become WOKE and have forgotten how to teach an elementary education. Immigration is another joke. When we see whole families complete with luggage and pets they are not refugees. They are the citizens from around the world that YOU invited to breach our border for free care and a job. You will grant them all instant citizenship and create a lower standerd of living and income for everyone. In the meantime–The Biden Crime Family rolls on. Yes Joe. I guess most of us are fools. You set out to destroy the Republic and we are letting you get away with it.

  2. Excellent Grace……….couldn’t have said it better!!! Spot on!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!! A change has got to come in a reverse direction of course…..
    We need more folks to pick up on this…….

  3. Why don’t you fix one thing at a time. Why don’t you try your hand at the border first
    since that is a complete disaster. Once you correct that then maybe you can move on to messing up something else.

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