U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards in a new op-ed disclosed that it “physically hurts” to discuss the Capitol riot. She added that the House Jan. 6 select committee does not represent the finale of investigations into the Capitol riot.

Edwards was one of the officers who had gotten injured during the riot last year. She previously testified before the House Panel this past summer. In a New York Times post, she said that it could potentially take years for her and other officers to fully recover from the trauma caused by the rioters.

Edwards wrote that while many Americans might think that the Capitol riot saga is coming to an end, there is “nothing final” about Congress releasing its report. She added that all the trauma could not just be stopped because of the paperwork and fine print.

On Monday the committee is expected to hold a hearing in which they will disclose whether they will make criminal referrals for former President Trump and others involved in the incident. On Wednesday, the committee is also set to release its final report which is expected to have eight chapters and will consist of all the panel’s findings and evidence collected over the past year.

18 thoughts on “Capitol Police Break Silence On Jan 6th”
    1. Years to recover from the trauma of opening the doors to let people into the Capitol building. Really? I wonder what this snowflake would be feeling/dealing with if she was at ‘the mostly peaceful’ riots in 2020?

  1. She’s right. The Jan 6 inquiry will not be over until the dirty #$%@& that murdered Ashley Babbitt is behind bars forever. They have him on film murdering her.

  2. This entire mess was a set up, and every person being retained should be set free, and compensated by the Democrat Party for all the time they have been retained. Nancy Pelosi should also be prosecuted for her roll in this mess. She was the one who let this disaster occur. It was a set up to get something on President Trump, who had nothing to do with what went on at the Capitol. She is the one who should take the entire brunt of this disaster.

  3. The capital police were a big part of the problem, by letting people into the capital, instead of trying to keep them out.It was a set=up by insiders(fbi) and many others to just blame Trump and supporters for everything.Maybe all the antifa/charcters breaking in earlier, weren’t even mentioned, but surely spotted on camera, hum wonder why? Cover=up.epps

  4. Who does Joe Biden think he is telling people what they can say or not the Constitution gives us people freedom of speech . When are they going to do anything about Pelosi not calling the National guard out on Jan 6

  5. Until the Capitol Police tell the truth about what they were told to do and not do nothing will be solved. I believe they also were used and abused by Pelosi to make this whole thing a bad situation.

  6. Maybe the new Congress could have their own trial of Pelosi for setting the whole thing up. You know, not tasking the help that was needed asndf offered by the National Guard and other sources. If you followed both sides of election campaigns, it made no sense that Biden should have won anything. It was obvious with the rallies. How many people actually came out to support Biden compared to Trump? Trump didn’t instigate this. Those people thought it was fixed and more do now with the Hunter Biden laptop info coming out that the FBI covered up before the election.

  7. Over a year to decide a few people acted dumbly? This was not an insurrection (practically no shots fired and only one very tragic death.) Political posturing and just plain Bull S**t! Oh well, the drama queen democrats are in charge, so what else can we expect?

  8. Capital police trauma was when peelousy refused to get the national guard to secure the capital.It was intentionally unsecured to get a derelict individual elected.

  9. It was an setup, staged actors. When Trump asked for more security they saw the opportunity and cashed in on it to Get him out of office for insurrection.Remember they did want him never be able to run for office every again again. I was one of those people home and watching it all on TV for hours. Saw many many things not right. I also saw on of the Capitol police standing against the wall saying he did not agree with this (REALLY) wonder why? All a SETUP….They wey telling people to come in the capitol police, WHY? paid for actors is why. Why was Nancy Pelosi’s daughter there filming it all? Ray Epps telling people to go march into to the capitol. Why did someone from the Capitol leave a side door open. Who planted the bomb in the bag at the other building to keep the few real police form the Capitol? Staged again. They kept showing and saying it was MTG and showing the way she walked, someone copied her walk for sure again actors! I also saw Anitfia several places several times that day? Humm . Who was in the capitol handed out the bats from the inside, they were already planted there? Many more things went on, however I could write a book. For the handful that maybe did go there with bad attentions, surely need to be punished. Trumps rallys were always peaceful and always had large crowds. So again it a Movie script to get at PRESIDENT TRUMP….

  10. This is utter BS! The “riot” would never have happened to begin with, if Nasty Nancy Pelosi had not set it up!!!! If she had done what she should have, there would have been NO RIOT!!! Instead, she denied the National Guard, and did not put enough police around the Capitol! So who is at fault? It sure wasn’t Trump!!!!!!!!

  11. I found it interesting that the Members of Congress who accepted the riots, burning of buildings and attacks on innocent American Citizens during the rioting for months over George Floyd’s death. The beatings and deaths that occurred, even encouraging people to donate for the release of rioters expect sympathy from citizens that were totally ignored by the elected officials to valid claims that irregularities occurred, that there were more votes than registered voters in some states, that laws were illegally changed etc etc etc. I wish Pelosi had done her job and listened to the warnings that came days in advance and accepted the National Guard protection that was offered by President Trump days prior but she wanted to have her daughter and her camera crew on hand to capture the events planned by the FBI infiltrators, BLM and ANTIFA agitators who were expected by the bus loads from Baltimore, so she could have one last crack at impeaching President Trump and preventing him from ever holding office. I’d like to see the date on the first draft of those impeachment papers, I would bet they predate Jan 6th, that is my opinion.

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