A Democratic-led House committee has gained access to former President Donald Trump’s tax returns after a long court battle. The Treasure Department noted on Wednesday that they had complied with the Supreme Court’s ruling and that the six years of tax returns requested were released to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The committee has not yet made any comments regarding the tax returns being received.
While the tax returns have now been sent by the Treasury Department it is still unclear whether anyone in the committee has actually seen the tax returns at this point. The process for accessing them has also not yet been disclosed.

On Thursday, the Ways and Means Committee members were to meet, so more information regarding Trump’s taxes is expected to be released according to a Democrat on the panel.

Currently, it is not yet clear what the House Democrats have in mind regarding the documents, especially as in January the GOP will be taking over the House. The Republican party is unlikely to show any interest in Trump’s tax records.

Committee Chairman Richard Neal has said that he is not yet in a position to talk about what the information was or how they were going to handle Trump’s tax records.

Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., a Ways and Means Committee member, has also said that the Panel is going to “make a deliberative decision [on Trump’s tax records] by Jan. 3.” That is the final day of a Democrat-controlled House.

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