A former Republican congressman has said that he thinks the “end is near” for former President Donald Trump as the January 6 House select committee is set to be making criminal referrals based on their findings.

Carlos Curbelo, a former GOP member of the House of Representatives who had represented Florida’s 26th District from 2015 to 2019, said on Sunday morning that it is possible that Trump is going to have a criminal referral filed against him. This statement was made during an appearance on The Katie Phang Show.

While Curbelo is a conservative he has openly opposed Trump before. Despite this, he was not open to the idea of the select committee issuing a criminal referral against the former President. The former congressman said that Trump is not currently performing well politically and that a referral could largely be seen as a politicized attack that Trump can use to draw in more support during his rallies.

Curbelo also added that he did not believe anything could save Trump and that his “next bankruptcy is looming.”

The select committee is set to have its final public hearing on Monday. During the hearing, the committee members will decide which criminal referrals they will make to the Department of Justice (DOJ) based on their findings over the past few months.

4 thoughts on “Republican Warns Trump In Deep Trouble”
  1. Another BS comment from a RINO? Hopefully the truth will come out after the Republicans take control of the Representatives. I believe that the entire J6 fiasco was a “set up” entrapment of Trump and Trump Supporters, engineered by Pelosi, BLM, Antifa, the FBI and the Capital Police. Capital Police were seen on a video escorting a caravan of vans to the head of the protesters until Antifa activists left the vans to mix in with the crowd. BLM and Antifa were seen in Trump Supporter costumes in the building, BLM and Antifa activists were on video inside the building with no arrests. Why? Director Wray was asked if FBI agents were in Trump Supporter costumes in the crowd and refused to answer. Why? Pelosi turned down Trump’s offer of 10 to 20 thousand national Guard troops for crowd control. Why? Was it because it would have prevented the entrapment? Capital Police were reported to have fired tear gas into the crowd without provocation. Why? Was it to stir up the crowd? Capital Police were seen on video waving Trump Supporters into the building. Why? A man by the name of Epp was on video removing barriers to help Supporters into the building. Epp was not arrested for this. Why? No Committee testimony under oath from the Capital Police. Why? No Republican representation on the Committee except for anti Trump RINOs. Why?

    1. All of which may or may not be true and accurate, but the bottom line is that after 3 years of massive hatred, lies and conspiring that Trump endured, he still wasn’t the least bit prepared for the storm that engulfed him. America needs better-prepared leadership — not someone who can’t read a simple political forecast.
      Trump goes his own way — not the way of conservatives or patriots. He’s always been the iconoclast when that image brought him attention. He had some very good strategists and experts like Steve Bannon, Rand Paul and members of the House Freedom Caucus knocking at his door with great ideas, but Trump was only interested in what brought him immediate political advantage.
      Remember how Trump deliberately sabotaged the repeal of Obamacare, back when his party controlled both chambers of Congress and the White House? Remember how he promised to deport virtually all 30 million or 40 million illegals in the U.S. on his first day in office? In fact, by summer 2017, he was instructing Americans we needed to get used to amnesty for illegals.

      Now things are different. Trump was rejected by Americans from coast to coast in the mid-term elections. Elsewhere, hard-line Republicans in states like Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Ohio and much of New York had a field day. But Republicans endorsed by Trump in competitive races were ousted almost everywhere. Republicans didn’t like bellicose, obscene Trump vomiting on DeSantis, Younkin and others that represent the party’s future. Trump has only himself to blame for being outmaneuvered at every turn and refusing to learn vital lessons.

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