The state of Texas is going to officially start construction on a wall that will span the United States-Mexico border. The multistate project was originally started by former President Donald Trump during his time in office, but construction is only expected to begin in 2023.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has noted that as part of the installation there will be a slatted wall that runs across a part of the border. Abbott has also noted that the project would most likely take all of 2023 to be completed.

Abbott took to Twitter to write that additional parts of the border wall would be constructed in the next month. He also added that before construction could begin there were months of meetings with private property owners who needed to agree to have the wall built on their property.

During Trump’s time in office, there were around 1,900 miles of border wall completed through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. However, after President Joe Biden took office many of those barriers started being inactive.

Abbott has stressed that Texas is committed to finishing the wall as swiftly as possible. He also noted that the wall is going to help reduce the record number of illegal crossings especially as El Paso officials have claimed that the number of illegal border crossings is “unsustainable.”

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