Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has said that former President Donald Trump’s latest social media post may have provided prosecutors with an admission of guilt for two separate crimes.

Kirschner, who analyzed the latest of Trump’s posts on Truth Social, has said that the former President’s comments show that he might have committed two federal felonies. These include theft of government documents and obstruction of justice.

In a video he posted to Youtube on Tuesday Kirschner said that while there has not been an indictment yet that was most likely going to be changing soon.

Earlier this month it was announced that Jack Smith would be brought on to act as special counsel in the two Trump cases that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is currently investigating. The first probe relates to the documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, many of which had varying degrees of classification, while the second one relates to the role that Trump played in the incidents that unfolded on January 6th, 2021, and the Capitol riot.

On Monday, Trump posted on Social Media a rhetorical question asking when the DOJ would be searching the Clinton household in order to find the 33,000 emails that she deleted. The second question asked generally when other President’s homes would be invaded in order for documents to be found.

Kirschner noted that indirectly these two posts could be used as incriminating evidence against Trump. As he has made indirect comments about taking documents that he should not have and potentially obstructing justice.

6 thoughts on “Trump Incriminates Himself?”
  1. whatever you want to believe it is your thinking, what he said and what you think are two different things altogether. you are a communist, fine, it is your problem, but Trump is an American and Patriot, he has not violated any laws, but for Democrats, even when he breath, it is a violation of the climate b.s. dems wants to make belief exist. they are all in PANIC just like you, because you and everyone knows he will be back as President and this time, it will be to make you and them pay.

  2. Trump happens to be correct! The Clinton’s and Obama’s and Obiden’s are liars, unlawful and corrupt as hell. Why didn’t Hilary “the ENTITLED,” get sent to jail for all that She did? The Biden whole Family are criminals and Biden Family got away with illicit criminal activities while taking advantage of his VP position. How did an old Man Criminal become President with all that he’s gotten away with? No fraud? You say no fraud? Bet your bottom dollar there is fraud but the tech companies and Media protect these crooks! Hilary should have gone to jail just what happened in Benghazi! If Trump did ANYTHING that these crooks or criminals have done, I’m afraid to think what would happen as he’s innocent. People should be admitting that he kept this Country running like a fine engine!

    1. Trump had four years to find something on Hillary. He investigated and found nothing. Pompeo’s State Department concluded there was nothing to prosecute about her emails, the Huber investigation of the Clinton Foundation quietly folded in 2019 without finding anything, and the Durham ‘investigation’ has crashed and burned.

      1. So, you’re talking about the corrupt FBI the DOJ and RINO Pompeo ordered to conduct investigations on their partners in crime, really! Trump had to use them as they are supposed to uphold the law and all swore an oath to uphold the law, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t because they are criminals themselves. Just like the Russian hoax they tried to use against Trump. All lies! Wake up and stop drinking their cool aid.

  3. Voting democrat is a vote for America’s destruction, shame on anyone who votes democrat, the party that hates free speech, they party that supports killing babies in the womb, the party that hates America First policies, the party that teaches hate for America, the party that hates the American flag, the party that hates American nationalism, the party that hates the 2nd Amendment, the party that supports infanticide, the party that hates Christianity, the party that hates all Republicans, the party of Jim Crow, the party that imprisons political enemies, that should be enough to show everyone what the sickening democrat communist Marxist party is about, and their is a lot more of their true hatred for America and citizens who don’t kowtow the democrat party line!!

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